Eastern Washington Voters’ Past Achievements

It has been ten fun years advancing progressive candidates and issues in Eastern Washington.  We are quite proud of what we have been able to help achieve, and are looking forward to making Eastern Washington a more progressive place in the decades to come.  It is not easy work, and we encounter nay-sayers all the time.  We just carry on.

2011 to 2017

Expanding the Progressive Base of Voters in Eastern Washington

We are building a capacity for voter registration and engagement to generate enough new progressive voters to shift the balance of power in Spokane County and elsewhere.  So far we have

  • We have registered to vote over 6,000 targeted Democrats Over the last six  years, had around 36,000 face-to-face conversations with registered voters, and distributed by hand over 30,000 of pieces of literature to registered voters about issues, voting rights, and our candidates.
  • In major election years, such as 2012 and 2016, about 40% of those we registered did cast a ballot.
  • Between 70% and 80% of those who cast ballots do so for Democratic candidates in typical years as measured by our in-house exit polls.
  • Numerous pieces of progressive legislation has been passed by the Spokane City Council including “Complete Streets” and “Ban the Box.”

2015 Highlights

A Huge Democratic Majority!

After years of working to expand the Democratic base  by registering voters, we now have a 6 to 1 progressive majority on the Spokane City Council. Congratulations Lori Kinnear on the being the newest Council Person. Ben Stuckart welcome back to the Office of the Council President.

2014 Highlights

The Spokane City Council votes to “ban the box” and not require those with criminal backgrounds to indicate such when they apply for a city job.

2013 Highlights

Democrat Candace Mumm won election to the Spokane City Council and Democrat Jon Snyder and Amber Waldref we retained.  Congrats you folks!

2012 Highlights

Jay Inslee vs. Rob Mckenna for Governor

We registered a ton of voters in 2012.  We also had face to face conversations with about 5,000 registered voters and talked about Jay’s plans to build a working Washington. By doing so we helped Jay Inslee defeat Rob McKenna.

Republican Matt Shea, Spokane Valley’s 4th District Representative, Pulled Gun on Motorist

It is sad when someone has to be afraid for their life, but it is even sadder when someone has to be afraid of bodily harm from an elected official that holds the public trust. This was the case last November.  Republican State Representative Matt Shea, Spokane Valley 4th Legislative District, pulled a loaded handgun on another motorist in the City of Spokane. Leroy Norris of Spokane County had to flee for this life. Matt Shea was cited for two violations of state firearms law in the road rage incident.  The Spokesman Review has a copy of the Police Report on Matt Shea.  He is an angry bully with a long string of behaviors including wife abuse, restraining orders, and intimidation that make him unfit to represent his constituents in Washington State House of Representatives.

Matt Shea’s Domestic Abuse

Republican Matt Shea also has a record of treating women like possessions to be bossed around. His ex-wife Lisa Shea has given some pretty scary accounts of what it was like to live with the guy. Shea made his ex-wife walk on his left side and made her give the inheritance from her father to him.  Women are over one-half of the State of Washington population. It is really simple politics.  If Matt Shea cannot treat women with respect, then he does not deserve to be re-elected to the Washington State House of Representatives.

2011 Highlights

This year the Spokane City Council voted to approve the Complete Streets policy include pedestrian and bike infrastructure in new street construction. We also made a road trip to Olympia to lobby our elected officials and had a blast.

There were some setbacks in 2011 at the ballot box, but that should not overshadow the successes for progressives. Eastern Washington Voters registered a ton of voters and turned a great many of them out to vote. Five new progressives won office in Eastern Washington during 2011:

  • Ben Stuckart, President of the Spokane City Council.
  • Tom Kammerzell, Whitman County Port Commissioner.
  • Mary Wissink, Water District Commissioner in Spokane County.
  • Tom McGarry, Fire District Commissioner in Spokane County.
  • Deana Brower, Spokane School Board


That was pretty decent for what others were calling a bad year for Democrats and progressives.

2010 Highlights

Wind farms are coming to Whitman County: Thanks to Commission Pat O’Neill and Eastern Washington Voters. Commercial wind energy is coming to Whitman County in the spring of 2012 thanks to Commissioner Pat O’Neill, Eastern Washington Voters, and others. Back in 2010 at annual Pullman membership meeting in June (see picture below), Whitman County Commissioner Pat O’Neill talks about the new commercial wind ordinance.

Whitman County Commissioner pat oneill at pullman membership meeting

First Wind is the renewable energy company that opened an office in Oakesdake, WA, and intends to have an wind farm in operation in Whitman County very soon. First Wind has received a permit to install wind turbines on the ridge 1/2 mile east of the rest stop on Hwy 195, which is in the Thorton/Rosalia/Oaksdale area of Whitman County. Avista has already built the new substation to transfer the electricity to the grid.

2006 Highlights

We also help film a TV commercial using crop art.  One of our members, Aaron Flansburg, used his combine to write “No I-933” in his barley field near Palouse Washington, while it was filmed from a helicopter.  The footage was made into a popular TV advertisement that was played over and over on the West side of the State of Washington.  The “No on I-933 campaign said that the TV ad turned the tide for our side. You can watch a video of it here. I-933 would have required state and local government to pay developers to follow zoning laws and environmental protections.