It was really nice to see Democrat Jay Inslee pull ahead in the only kind of  poll that really maters: election results.  I was a little worried about this Governor’s race.  Jay Inslee trailing in the polls made me nervous.  However, that he trailed should not really have surprised anyone.  Jay had less name recognition.

However, a lot can happen between now the general election.  We should not let up on this race one bit . Below is Jay Inslee’s post primary email to his supporters.

Jay Inslee’s post primary email


Our momentum has been building, and it showed last night. We can’t let up now.

The special interests that have propped up my opponent’s campaign will not let our victory go unanswered. They will redouble their efforts. We must redouble ours.

Today, we’re launching a General Election Fund drive. We need to raise $100,000 in one week to counter the attacks we know are coming.




As of this morning we are up by almost 4% in the primary. With results like these, we know our opponent’s special interest friends will hit hard and hit fast.

We need to have the resources to fight back.

Voters are responding to my message about building a working Washington, but getting our message out requires significant resources.

There are 90 days to go in this election. Every dollar, every hour counts. If we hit our fundraising goals and have the resources to fully fund our general election program, we will win in November.




I’m so glad you’re fighting by my side. This is it. Let the race begin. Ready, set, go.

Very truly yours,

Jay Inslee

P.S. I am proud of Jay Inslee for standing up for gay and lesbian marriage.

Rob McKenna

Update: Some comments about Inslee’s opponent Rob McKenna can be found at the Vashon Democrats.  They point out that Rob McKenna is not  a moderate.   He’s a less than honest politician like Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.   McKenna will say whatever he needs to get elected, then turn around and do the opposite for ideological reasons.

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