When I met Kathleen Drew, candidate for Washington State Secretary of State, I was impressed.  She had a good grasp of the issues affecting the office,  including the need to more fully fund the Washington State Voters Guide, or the Voters pamphlet if you will.

I am running for Secretary of State.  My name is Kathleen Drew. I have the background of both working in the State Senate and also working for the governor for the last six years on many important issues state wide.  In the State Senate I sponsored the ethics legislation that is still governing State employees and elected officials.  It is an important race.  When you look at what is happening across the country, we need to make sure we are not disenfranchising the poor, the elderly, the young people, and the minority voters across our state.  It is important to have a candidate that will increase voter registration and work to increase turnout.  One of the big disappoints to me this year is that the Secretary of State did not print the Primary Voters Guide. With a very complicated ballot, this discourages people from voting.  I will fund the Primary Voters pamphlet for state-wide candidates in future years as well as to support as well as to support Election Day registration and other reforms that are much needed.  It’s been a long time since we had a true progressive as Secretary of State, and I would certainly appreciate your support.

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