People with Felonies: Democrats Have Made It Easier for You to Register to Vote

Your “Right to Register to Vote” again is automatically restored . . .

If your Conviction was in a Washington State Court and you are 1) out of prison (or jail) and 2) not in community custody for a felony.  If you have questions about whether you are on community custody with Washington State Department of Corrections (DOC), call 1-800-430-9674.

If your conviction was in another state or federal court and you are no longer in jail for that felony.

Once your right to vote is restored, you must register to vote in order to receive a ballot.  You can register to vote online at

Maintaining the Right to Vote

You will maintain your right to vote if you do not commit another felony.

Owing fines, restitution, or court fees for your felony conviction does not automatically take your right to vote away.  Someone would have to file a complaint with the court asking the judge to revoke your right to vote because you missed three or more payments.  This is very rare.


Download leaflet on Felonies and Voting Rights in Washington State:  There are two versions.  One that mentions it was Democrats who  made it easier for people with felonies to vote, and one that does not mention that.

Most of the information on this page on felonies and voting rigts is from the Secretary of State website.