Voting and Political Rights


Summary:  Here is a general summary of your voting and political rights in the State of Washington.

Registering to vote: It is easy to register to vote in the State of Washington, and eligibility requirements are minimal.  You only need to live in the State for 30 days, and you do not need a Washington driver’s license.  Visit here, for info on how to register to vote, eligibility, and deadlines for registration.

The Hatch Act:  Some people will tell you that if you that if you are a government employee, you cannot participate in politics.  This is not true. However, there are some restrictions for Federal employees, and there may be some restrictions for you if you are a state or local government employee and even if you work for a non-profit or contractor that receives substantial federal funding.  If you are a federal, state, or local government employee, please read “The Hatch Act and You”.

The voting rights of people with felonies:  People with felonies who live in the State of Washington can register to vote if they are out of jail or prison and are off community custody. If their court of conviction was federal, or another state, it may even be easier.  If you or someone you know has a felony, please read “Voting Rights of People with a Felony”.