I just love all the little ole folks in my district number 5
I make sure they have what they need to stay alive
Nothin fancy, as I can’t be givin my money to poor folk
(Truthfully), in our rich circle we laugh and call them a joke
But I am so caring that I would never ever tell them my thots
Many of them seem to be just fine with the little bit they gots
I mean a roof over their heads, green grass and a clear sky
The folks in my district may not have much, but they’ll get by
There are those who still don’t know I’m for the rich and not for them
I have no doubt they’ll get out there and once again, vote me in.
For 11 years I have damaged the people, but they still vote for me
My rich friends and corporations pay me well, for them to never see
How very shrewd, manipulating, untruthful and uncaring I proudly am
I am rich, rich, rich and powerful, and for them I don’t give a damn.

by Pat

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