We have two blogs on politics in Eastern Washington from an independent but progressive point of view.  They are SpokaneWatch.net and EWpolitics.org.

Spokane Watch blog

SpokaneWatch.net is a local Spokane blog that covers Spokane City and County politics from a progressive point of view.  This includes candidates,  issues, and politics.



EWpolitics.org covers news and views from and about Eastern Washington from a progressive point of view.  The blog does have a focus on Whitman County.

FireShot Screen Capture #050 - 'Washblog II Reality-based discourse on Washington's state' - www_washblog_comStaff at Eastern Washington Voters are also regular contributors at Washblog.  The site was started in 2004 as “a community-based weblog for liberal coverage of Washington State political and social news, providing information that traditional media overlooks, progressive insight and analysis, and an open-access platform for progressives to develop, report and collaborate on action and ideas.  . . . [They] have identified four value areas as underlying the progressive movement in Washington state: Democracy; Sustainability; Peace and Justice; and Reason.”

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If you have an Eastern Washington blog on progressive politics, please content us at info@ewvoters.org.  We would love to share it with our members.