Mark Hamilton's Home


Eastern Washington Voters member, Cathy Gunderson was successful in court as a plaintiff against candidate Mark Hamilton.¬† The Superior Court Judge agreed that Mark Hamilton was ineligible to appear on the ballot because he had not resided in the city ward for the one year period required by law. ¬†Eastern Washington Voters can not take any credit for Cathy’s work here, but we want to acknowledge her involvement.


Is Mark Hamilton (R) Ineligible to Run For the Spokane City Council?

(Updated May 4, 2013) There is an active law suit to keep Mark Hamilton off of the ballot for the Spokane City Council in 2013. It is alleged that Hamilton was not a resident within the city ward for which he is running for office. Hamilton insists that he has been spending the majority of the nights there since he bought the home. However, his handy man who regularly worked on the premise suggests otherwise. Utility bills also suggest that no body was living there in the Spring of 2012. If the courts find against Mark Hamilton, Councilperson Amber Waldref will have an uncontested race.