While running for the Washington State Senate, Nancy McLaughlin was caught faking the support of the popular Ben Stuckart.  Stuckart, President of the Spokane City Council, was not amused.  He wants to make it “loud and clear” that he does NOT support Republican Nancy McLaughlin in her effort to be elected to the 3rd Legislative District against Democrat Andy Billig.


Spokane City Council President Ben Stuckart said Thursday that he didn’t give City Councilwoman Nancy McLaughlin permission to use a picture of him on a campaign mailer for state Senate.


The mailer, which began arriving in mailboxes this week, includes a picture of McLaughlin with Stuckart, Mayor David Condon and council members Mike Allen, Mike Fagan and Steve Salvatori.

Ben Stuckart Response to Nancy McLaughlin of Spokane

“I endorsed Andy Billig the day he declared for the state Senate,” Stuckart said in a written statement. “For Nancy’s campaign to use my photo implies endorsement of her candidacy. I denounce this action. It is misleading and inappropriate for her to use a photo of me in a campaign mailer.”


Update:  It is always nice to see one of our articles about Mike Fagan getting a link.

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