We launched a website against Rep. Cathy McMorris-Rodgers called We-Can-Do-Better.org.  On it, we tear down the myth that she is a citizen legislator. Her popular appeal is the idea that she is just a down-home girl from the fruit stands of Eastern Washington who is doing a short stint in Congress.  She is not.  Cathy McMorris-
Rodgers is career politician who has been intricately involved in Republican Party politics to facilitate the Wall Street and Corporate take over of America.

How Has Republican Cathy McMorris Rodgers Done This?

McMorris-Rodgers is a career politician that has risen quickly through the Republican ranks to the 4th most powerful member of the Republican Party in the U.S House of Representatives.  She has done this by making calculate decisions for power and position to further her own political career.

To Defeat Cathy McMorris-Rodgers

We need to stop repeating the silly notion that this is probably her last term in Congress because she is leaving D.C. to raise her children.  Every time we say this it reinforces the image of her as a citizen politician, and it just is not true.  McMorris-Rodgers is in line to become the Speaker of the House.  Also, people are talking about her as Romney’s Vice Presidential Candidate.

Voters like citizen legislators. McMorris-Rodgers is not a citizen legislator.  She is in fact a career politician.  Voters dislike career politicians.

(Update: McMorris voted for the sequester in 2013 which resulted in mandatory budget cuts to hundreds of important programs.  One of them was millions of dollars that were cut from a program that provided free birth control to low income women.  The result of that cut will be thousands of unwanted pregnancies, and hundreds of millions in extra tax dollars to deal with the problems caused by those unwanted pregnancies.  Birth control is a safe and effective way to prevent unwanted pregnancies and has fewer side effects than ever.)

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