MoveOn is at it again.  Ya got to love it.

We cannot assume that working class Americans will automatically become wise to Mitt’s history of class warfare.  I met a homeless guy today who said he would vote for Mitt because he looked like his grandpa.   We have to keep educating voters about their class interests.

Mitt Romney hinding his tax records

We may not know what’s hiding in Mitt Romney’s tax records, but now we know what’s hiding in Mitt’s tax plan: tax breaks for American companies that outsource jobs, which could create 800,000 jobs overseas and pink slips at home.1

So to expose the real impact of Mitt’s outsourcing plan, MoveOn members are hitting the streets next Thursday to hand out 800,000 pink slips nationwide. We’re also releasing a scathing new ad hitting Mitt for being outsourcer-in-chief, and our grassroots muscle will make sure the message reaches millions more swing voters than it otherwise would.

MoveOn members are gathering at shopping malls, post offices, coffee shops, movie theaters, and other high-traffic areas, holding signs and passing out Mitt’s pink slips to draw the attention of voters and media.

Can you set up a time and place in Spokane on Thursday, August 16, to pass out Mitt’s pink slips?

Mitt’s on a mission to brand himself as the candidate to turn the economy around, even though his plan only does more to help the 1%. Sounds laughable, but Romney’s out-raising Obama and will run ads so confusing that voters might think he actually cares about the 99%.

By combining a provocative ad with a fun grassroots tactic, we’ll reach millions of voters with a simple message: Romney’s an unapologetic outsourcer and his policies would cost Americans their jobs. We need MoveOn members to take to the streets and their social networks to get all of Mitt’s 800,000 pink slips into the hands of voters so they know the truth.

Can you amplify our new ad about Romney’s outsourcing plan and lead a gathering in Spokane next Thursday, August 16?

Yes, I want to hand out Mitt’s pinks slips in my community!

Leading an event like this is easy to do, and you’ll make a powerful impact when you add it to hundreds of similar events happening on the same day across the country. By organizing an event, you’re giving other MoveOn members the chance to make a difference. You’ll get all the materials and steps you’ll need for a great event.

Thanks for all you do.

–Lenore, Mariana, Ryan, Nick, and the rest of the team

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