Help us get corporate money out of elections! Eastern Washington Voters is sponsoring a day to gather signatures to qualify I-735 for the ballot to this Saturday May 16th before the start of the Lilac Parade.

4:30 pm for a quick training
5:00 PM we will be on the sidewalk collect signatures
7:45 PM is the start of the parade
Saturday May 16th
Meet at Atticus Coffee for training
222 N Howard St, Spokane, WA 99201

Bryan’s cell is 509 330 1793

Unlimited, undisclosed money has corrupted our political system and taken the power away from We the People.  Corporations have been given our Constitutional rights and are using them against us.  When corporations have the Constitutional right to buy our elections and harm our environment it is past time for people to unite and let our voices be heard.

wamend_web_0416 is sponsoring an Initiative to the Legislature to Get Big Money out of Elections.  This Initiative calls to reverse corporate person-hood and money is speech.  It calls for a Constitutional amendment to clarify that living, breathing people should be entitled to the rights of the Constitution, not artificial entities.  Right now the national spotlight is on Washington State as we collect the 330,000 signatures to get on the ballot in November of 2016.  Once we pass I-735 we join sixteen other states calling on Congress to amend the Constitution.  We believe it is the Civil Rights Movement of our day.

Here in Spokane, we need 1200 signatures a week to meet our signature goals.  (They have already collected around 3.000.  This takes consistent, committed effort on the part of volunteers.  It’s fun, it’s empowering and it is one of the most meaningful political actions anyone can take.  The more volunteers we have, the more fun we have and the more political power we generate.  We can do this!

So come join us at the corner on Saturday May 16th.

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