Pakootas Kickoff Graphic smallToday, October 8, 2016, Congressional Candidate Joe Pakootas, along with his team of volunteers, will be launching his 2016 bid for Congress in Eastern Washington’s 5th Congressional District at Campaign Headquarters, 1410 W. Dean in Spokane from 5:307pm. The Campaign expects over 300 in attendance to celebrate his continued candidacy.

Joe Pakootas

Joe Pakootas, current CEO of the Nez Perce Tribe said he: “Is ready for the challenge.  My Team and I have a plan and we’re already working hard to bring the change Eastern Washington needs.”  Joe has seen what the Republicans’ led by his opponent Cathy McMorris Rodgers have done to the middle class in Eastern Washington. Joe Pakootas cites statistics that should have us all concerned: “One in five people live on foodstamps and one in six live below the federal poverty level. Our unemployment rate is 30% higher than the national level and our dropout rates are in the double figures.” Pakootas says: “Unlike my opponent who has the money of multi-national corporations and PACs at her disposal, I am not beholding to anyone.”

As a small business owner and CEO of a multi-million dollar federal corporation, Pakootas brings decades of business, environmental and leadership experience to the 2016 race for Congress.  Unlike his opponent, he has created hundreds of family-wage jobs in the 5th District, managed hundreds of employees, as well as 13 business enterprises, including more than 1 million acres of land, lumber mills, recreational and retail operations.  His implementation of sustainable business practices for the Colville Tribal Federal Corporation secured a multi-million dollar revenue stream which is helping improve the lives of the nearly 10,000 members of 12 Tribal bands across 3 states.

Pakootas and his Campaign Team of nearly 300 will continue to volunteer regularly in the community supporting non-profit organizations.  Most recently his Campaign Team launched a Fire Relief effort that raised nearly $5,000 in cash and hundreds of donations of food, clothing and supplies for firefighters and evacuees.  The video on his website chronicles the effort.

For more information contact:

Susan Brudnicki, Campaign Manager

Pakootas for Congress


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