(Need to fill the Winter positions immediately) We need help with our First-Time/Newish Voter program as well as our voter registration and turnout efforts for 2020. The First-Time/Newish Voter program is for new voters to educate each other about progressive politics and the electoral process and to have access to more experience voters as mentors. This involves both face-to-face and phone conversations and social media. Additional Internship positions will be filled this Spring, Summer, and Fall.

The primary responsibilities will be outreach and community organizing. Others might include communications, social media, research, and/or fundraising. Interns will 1) gain experience at strategic planning and implementing and also 2) develop their own written and oral communications skills. Interns will be expected to work ten to twenty hours per week.
Start and end dates: Flexible, but January through the end of April or May through August or September through November are preferred.
Location: Spokane, WA and college campuses in Eastern WA.
Compensation: A small stipend will be paid. However, the main benefit to interns will be new skills learned and experience gained.
If You Are a Student, Eligible Departments are: Public Relations, Communications, Social Work, Political Science, Sociology, Journalism, and any Department that has an internship program, senior capstone requirement, practicum, etc. We are happy to reasonably customize the position to fit the needs of a students’ Department and academic calendar. Non-credit internships are possible, but we prefer to have students sign up for credits through an academic department.
Requirements and Qualifications: Either excellent one-on- one verbal or excellent written communications skills and attention to detail are required. Juniors, Seniors, graduate students, or graduates are preferred, but exceptional underclassmen and women will be considered. Applicants must be available for three to five hours a week from 3 pm to 9 pm.
To apply: Please email 1) a resume to Bryan. E. Burke, Ph.D., at BryanB@ewvoters.org, 2) a short note about why you want this internship and why you are a good fit for the position, and 3) three writing samples should be available upon request or submitted with the application (diversity in style is fine, but not required, for example political messaging, social media, technical writing, and creative writing). The resume should highlight relevant classes, political experience, and volunteer work. For more information, call Bryan at 509 330 1793 (but serious inquiries only).
We will accept resumes until positions are filled.