carol gregory state representatives democratI just received this email from State Rep. Marcus Riccelli about a special election this year.  Earlier this year Carol J. Gregory was appointed to the Washington House of Representatives by Governor Inslee to the seat left vacant in the State House of Representative in the 30th Legislative District after the death of Representative Roger Freeman in 2014. Now there is a special election for the remainder of Freeman’s term. I am not sure who the Republican opponent is yet, but the balance of power in the State will be shaped by the outcome of the race.  The 30th is a swing district.  The race could go either way.  –Bryan


Marcus Riccelli

Dear Friends,

This year there is a critical Special Election in the 30th Legislative District which will have huge implications for our state.  Representative Carol Gregory was appointed to the House of Representatives in January after being selected by the 30th District PCO’s. Now, Carol must fight to retain her seat this November and she needs your help.

Carol’s race is the only legislative race in the state this year, which means the Republicans are focusing all of their energy on defeating her.  The Democratic majority in the House hinges on Carol’s election in November.  Will you support Carol’s campaign and help us win this critical election and protect our state?

A former schoolteacher and current Federal Way School Board member, Carol Gregory is a born-and-raised Washingtonian.  She has extensive experience in education, government, community leadership, and the Democratic Party.  Carol has an impressive resume that includes president of the WEA and eight years serving Governor Booth Gardner. Carol has also specialized in workforce training and economic development, working for the Small Business Improvement Council and as a representative on the Seattle/King County Workforce Development Council.

Carol’s roots are deep in her community and she is the right person to represent the 30th District.  Even though her seat has been held by a Democrat for the past two years, many still consider the 30th to be a true swing district, and her Republican opponent can be expected to run an expensive campaign, as they seek to pick up this seat. While much has been focused on retaining the State Senate, our majority in the House is now only 51-47.

I don’t need to tell you how important that majority is, just look at the contrasts in proposed state budgets between Senate Republicans and House Democrats. House Democrats invest in core services and work to level the playing field for small businesses by asking corporations and the very wealthy to pay their fair share for the quality of life we expect in Washington state. Senate Republicans built a budget based on gimmicks, illegal contract violations, and one-time transfers.

Let me be clear, the right wing is going to throw everything they have at Carol.  And the only way to continue to strengthen our families and middle class and ensure we are building a better future for our kids is to elect Carol Gregory this November.

Please join me and show Carol she has grassroots support to fend off the Republican attacks and win in November.  Please click here to support Carol’s campaign with a gift of $100, $50, $25 or whatever you can afford today.  Your early support will be key to Carol’s success in November and she is grateful for contributions of any size.

Please pitch in today and help us win this critical election. The fate of our state depends on it.

Thank you for standing up for our shared values,

Marcus M. Riccelli

P.S. Carol has just four days to raise money until she reports back to Olympia for the special legislative session.  Please make your contribution today, before the fundraising freeze kicks back in!

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