The 4th and 6th legislative districts in the Spokane area are both very important to getting a resolution passed this legislative session to ask our U.S Congress to draft a constitutional amendment to overturn the devastating effects of the Citizens United decision.   Senator Mike Padden is chair of the Law & Justice Committee and Rep. Matt Shea is on the House Judiciary Committee (both 4th LD legislators).

End Citizens United

Legislatures can be contacted here by email.  Or call them  at the Legislative Hotline at the Legislative Hotline 1.800.562.6000.  Please contact your legislators within the next day or two, the sooner the better, and give them the following message:

  • “I am one of your constituents and I am very concerned about the corrupting role of money in our political system and the dramatic increase in this role as a direct result of the Citizens United decision.
  •  I request that you support and, preferably, co-sponsor Senator Adam Klein’s and Representative Jamie Pedersen’s Memorial Resolution SJM 8002 requesting on behalf of Washington State citizens that the US Congress create and submit to the states for approval a constitutional amendment to overturn the effects of the Citizens United decision.
  • Please notify Senator Klein and Representative Pedersen of your support for SJM 8002.

[Optionally, you might include a request for a reply:  “I would appreciate a reply from you indicating your position on this issue.”]

If you are further inclined, you can also contact the other senators on the Law and Justice Committee.

The best way to highlight our interest and concern is to actually call each legislator’s office using the Legislative Hotline 1.800.562.6000 and leave a brief message with the office staff.

Show them you care about our democracy!

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