Larry and Rich (4 by 5)Two candidates stand out this year. Those are Democrats Amber Waldref for Spokane City Council and Rich Cowan for State Senate 6th Legislative District.  Lots of local candidates work hard, so that is not what sets them apart. They are unique this year because they are working hard, and they don’t have to.

Amber Waldref

Spokane City Councilwoman Amber Waldref does not have an opponent this year, but she is still knocking on doors and registering voters in fall weather. She is that committed to expanding the Democratic base, and Eastern Washington Voters is helping her.

Rich Cowan

Democrat Rich Cowan is running in 2014 against Republican incumbent Senator Michael Baumgartner for the 6th Legislative District Senate seat. Rich has already started door belling, and Eastern Washington Voters is also helping. It is 13 months before.

To the right is a picture of Rich Cowan (left) and EWV volunteer Larry Hampson (right) after an afternoon of door belling and registering voters.






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