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I love this site.  Jim West taught Todd Mielke everything he knows.  As aid to Jim West, Todd Mielke learned the ropes of state office. As West’s roommate during his time as State Representative, learned how to wheel and deal at the capital.  He learned to serve the special interests well at tax payer expense—his finale was to kill his fellow Republican, Senator Moyer’s Health Care bill for Children just before he resigned for the more lucrative job of lobbying for Big Tobacco, Pharmaceutical Companies and the Chamber of Commerce.  Todd Mielke is quick to serve the special interests but when has he ever served us?


The Jay Inslee Surge

It was really nice to see Democrat Jay Inslee pull ahead in the only kind of  poll that really maters: election results.  I was a little worried about this Governor’s race.  Jay Inslee trailing in the polls made me nervous.  However, that he trailed should not really have surprised anyone.  Jay had less name recognition.

However, a lot can happen between now the general election.  We should not let up on this race one bit . Below is Jay Inslee’s post primary email to his supporters.

Jay Inslee’s post primary email


Our momentum has been building, and it showed last night. We can’t let up now.

The special interests that have propped up my opponent’s campaign will not let our victory go unanswered. They will redouble their efforts. We must redouble ours.

Today, we’re launching a General Election Fund drive. We need to raise $100,000 in one week to counter the attacks we know are coming.




As of this morning we are up by almost 4% in the primary. With results like these, we know our opponent’s special interest friends will hit hard and hit fast.

We need to have the resources to fight back.

Voters are responding to my message about building a working Washington, but getting our message out requires significant resources.

There are 90 days to go in this election. Every dollar, every hour counts. If we hit our fundraising goals and have the resources to fully fund our general election program, we will win in November.




I’m so glad you’re fighting by my side. This is it. Let the race begin. Ready, set, go.

Very truly yours,

Jay Inslee

P.S. I am proud of Jay Inslee for standing up for gay and lesbian marriage.

Rob McKenna

Update: Some comments about Inslee’s opponent Rob McKenna can be found at the Vashon Democrats.  They point out that Rob McKenna is not  a moderate.   He’s a less than honest politician like Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.   McKenna will say whatever he needs to get elected, then turn around and do the opposite for ideological reasons.

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Mitt Romney’s tax records

MoveOn is at it again.  Ya got to love it.

We cannot assume that working class Americans will automatically become wise to Mitt’s history of class warfare.  I met a homeless guy today who said he would vote for Mitt because he looked like his grandpa.   We have to keep educating voters about their class interests.

Mitt Romney hinding his tax records

We may not know what’s hiding in Mitt Romney’s tax records, but now we know what’s hiding in Mitt’s tax plan: tax breaks for American companies that outsource jobs, which could create 800,000 jobs overseas and pink slips at home.1

So to expose the real impact of Mitt’s outsourcing plan, MoveOn members are hitting the streets next Thursday to hand out 800,000 pink slips nationwide. We’re also releasing a scathing new ad hitting Mitt for being outsourcer-in-chief, and our grassroots muscle will make sure the message reaches millions more swing voters than it otherwise would.

MoveOn members are gathering at shopping malls, post offices, coffee shops, movie theaters, and other high-traffic areas, holding signs and passing out Mitt’s pink slips to draw the attention of voters and media.

Can you set up a time and place in Spokane on Thursday, August 16, to pass out Mitt’s pink slips?

Mitt’s on a mission to brand himself as the candidate to turn the economy around, even though his plan only does more to help the 1%. Sounds laughable, but Romney’s out-raising Obama and will run ads so confusing that voters might think he actually cares about the 99%.

By combining a provocative ad with a fun grassroots tactic, we’ll reach millions of voters with a simple message: Romney’s an unapologetic outsourcer and his policies would cost Americans their jobs. We need MoveOn members to take to the streets and their social networks to get all of Mitt’s 800,000 pink slips into the hands of voters so they know the truth.

Can you amplify our new ad about Romney’s outsourcing plan and lead a gathering in Spokane next Thursday, August 16?

Yes, I want to hand out Mitt’s pinks slips in my community!

Leading an event like this is easy to do, and you’ll make a powerful impact when you add it to hundreds of similar events happening on the same day across the country. By organizing an event, you’re giving other MoveOn members the chance to make a difference. You’ll get all the materials and steps you’ll need for a great event.

Thanks for all you do.

–Lenore, Mariana, Ryan, Nick, and the rest of the team

State Rep. Timm Ormsby speaks at the Eastern Washington Voter’s BBQ to turnout the vote in the 3rd Legislative District just before the August Primary 2012 election.  Tim, who spent 30 years as a construction worker, is a perfect fit for the 3rd Legislative District.

Low Voter Registration: It is not Apathy

When we are registering voters to expand our progressive base it is not apathy, per se, that is the biggest problem we encounter. Probably, the largest problem we find is convincing people that they are not registered, because they move around a lot and do not realize they need to reregister when their address changes. The second largest problem is getting people to fill out their forms legibly and completely.

Yes, of course, there is some apathy. However, we find a fair amount of concern about societal problems, and strangely enough “concern” can be a partial factor that sometimes prevents electoral participation. Here is one of the more interesting conversations we have had.

Volunteer: How come you don’t want to register?

Citizen: Well . . . the last time I voted it was for George W. Bush, and I don’t want to make the same mistake again. I know voting is important, but I don’t know enough about the parties and candidates to make a good decision. Candidates will say anything to get elected, and it is too hard to tell who is telling the truth. However, if I could just vote on the initiatives, I would register.

Volunteer: Actually, you can skip anything on the ballot you are not comfortable with, and we will send you a working class person’s voting guide.

Citizen: Okay, then I will register.

We, of course, target for progressive voters pretty aggressively.  We do so by announcing ourselves as Democrats, working Democratic locations, and the most aggressively going after young, low-income people, women, and minorities.

When people say their vote does not count

When hundreds of people in Florida said their vote did not count, Bush won Florida and thus the nation.  When millions say their vote does not count, working class people lose their health care and college tuition; they lose their homes and their retirement pensions.

Eastern Washington Voters support the Move to Amend the U.S. Constitution  movement to over turn Citizen’s United.  Citizen’s United was the ruling that said corporations could donate directly to political action committees because they were people too.  The growth of corporate power has been a plauge on our political process.  As it has been said elswhere, we will believe that corporations are people when Texas executes one of them.

Peter Goldmark running for Re-election.

Peter Goldmark is running for re-election for Commiss ioner of Public Lands in 2012.  We helped him get elected for the first time back in 2008.

For Every Progressive Blogger

Progressive blogs come and go.  For everyone that closes shop, may another rise up from the ashes.  This is just a short tribute to the contribution of and an assurance that and will carry on the torch.  Eastern Washington Politics will focus, of course, on news and views from and about Eastern Washington.  Neuro Politician will post on progressive politics but also on a range of economic and ecological issues.  The main contributor of both blogs live in Eastern Washington.  Happy reading!


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