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Center For Voter Research

There is a new organization on the scene, and it is called the Center for Voter Research. More on that soon.

Republican U.S. Congresswomen Cathy McMorris Rogers and many other  of her Republicans colleagues could be vulnerable when they see re-election in 2018. That is to say, if they repeal the Affordable Care Act they face a large voter rebellion according to the below analysis. Of course, the ACA should be kept, but if Republicans put politics ahead of people they will pay a price in lost votes. Up to 82,000 people in McMorris’ 5th Congressional district would lose coverage if the ACA is repealed. That is a lot considering she only won re-election by 62,400 votes in 2016.

Of course, many of those 82,000 individuals already voted for Democratic candidates.  Also, some of them will vote Republican no matter what in 2018. However, it could compel ten, twenty, or thirty thousand more voters to cast their ballot for the Democratic candidate for U.S. Congress. If even twenty thousand Republicans switched and voted for the Democratic candidate in the 5th CD, that would change McMorris Rodgers’ 2016 margin to only 22,000 votes in 2018 . Between that and people’s general disdain for the party of popular vote loser Donald Trump, we may have a chance in 2016 of finally defeating Cathy McMorris Rodgers.

We are looking for amateur and professional writers to write articles and blog posts about this and also about McMorris position on the ACA. Any length is fine. You can email me at Bryanb [at] ewvoters [dot] org.

Actually, a few dozen Republicans in competitive races could find themselves hurt by the repeal of the ACA.


carol gregory state representatives democratI just received this email from State Rep. Marcus Riccelli about a special election this year.  Earlier this year Carol J. Gregory was appointed to the Washington House of Representatives by Governor Inslee to the seat left vacant in the State House of Representative in the 30th Legislative District after the death of Representative Roger Freeman in 2014. Now there is a special election for the remainder of Freeman’s term. I am not sure who the Republican opponent is yet, but the balance of power in the State will be shaped by the outcome of the race.  The 30th is a swing district.  The race could go either way.  –Bryan


Marcus Riccelli

Dear Friends,

This year there is a critical Special Election in the 30th Legislative District which will have huge implications for our state.  Representative Carol Gregory was appointed to the House of Representatives in January after being selected by the 30th District PCO’s. Now, Carol must fight to retain her seat this November and she needs your help.

Carol’s race is the only legislative race in the state this year, which means the Republicans are focusing all of their energy on defeating her.  The Democratic majority in the House hinges on Carol’s election in November.  Will you support Carol’s campaign and help us win this critical election and protect our state?

A former schoolteacher and current Federal Way School Board member, Carol Gregory is a born-and-raised Washingtonian.  She has extensive experience in education, government, community leadership, and the Democratic Party.  Carol has an impressive resume that includes president of the WEA and eight years serving Governor Booth Gardner. Carol has also specialized in workforce training and economic development, working for the Small Business Improvement Council and as a representative on the Seattle/King County Workforce Development Council.

Carol’s roots are deep in her community and she is the right person to represent the 30th District.  Even though her seat has been held by a Democrat for the past two years, many still consider the 30th to be a true swing district, and her Republican opponent can be expected to run an expensive campaign, as they seek to pick up this seat. While much has been focused on retaining the State Senate, our majority in the House is now only 51-47.

I don’t need to tell you how important that majority is, just look at the contrasts in proposed state budgets between Senate Republicans and House Democrats. House Democrats invest in core services and work to level the playing field for small businesses by asking corporations and the very wealthy to pay their fair share for the quality of life we expect in Washington state. Senate Republicans built a budget based on gimmicks, illegal contract violations, and one-time transfers.

Let me be clear, the right wing is going to throw everything they have at Carol.  And the only way to continue to strengthen our families and middle class and ensure we are building a better future for our kids is to elect Carol Gregory this November.

Please join me and show Carol she has grassroots support to fend off the Republican attacks and win in November.  Please click here to support Carol’s campaign with a gift of $100, $50, $25 or whatever you can afford today.  Your early support will be key to Carol’s success in November and she is grateful for contributions of any size.

Please pitch in today and help us win this critical election. The fate of our state depends on it.

Thank you for standing up for our shared values,

Marcus M. Riccelli

P.S. Carol has just four days to raise money until she reports back to Olympia for the special legislative session.  Please make your contribution today, before the fundraising freeze kicks back in!

Republicans Don’t Even Take their own Advice

(Letter-to-the-Editor) Back when some prominent Republicans were reasonable, they endorsed some measures now advocated by the Obama administration.  Quickly comes to mind ObamaCare which essentially copied Massachusetts’ 2006 health care reform under then-Republican Governor Mitt Romney, who now effectively opposes his own plan.  This Massachusetts reform included the individual mandate of ObamaCare, now opposed by Republicans, but also included in the Republican response to the Clinton administration’s unsuccessful 1993 health care reform proposal.

Less easily remembered is advice regarding Iran proactively given preceding the 2008 election to the next president—Barack Obama or John McCain— by former Republican Secretaries of State James Baker III (President George H. W. Bush) and Henry Kissinger (Presidents Nixon and Ford).  Both advised negotiating with Iran, preferring nuclear negotiations at the Secretary of State level ( ), exactly the current situation between the US’s John Kerry and Iran’s Mohammad Javad Zarif.   But Senate Republicans presently disdain this advice from their own party’s most esteemed former diplomats.  Spurred by an unprecedented negative letter to Iranian officials containing 47 Republican Senate signatories including Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, they are intensely trying to undermine nuclear negotiations with Iran, even without knowledge of what the final proposed deal may be.

Norm Luther
, WA 99223

Valley Hospital, Spokane Valley, WA

Photo credit to Harvey Brown

Our allies at SEIU local 1199 NW are still in dispute with the owners of Deaconess Hospital, Spokane, WA, and Valley Hospital, Spokane Valley, WA over the quality of patient care.  Community Health Systems Inc., from Franklin, Tennessee, owns both as part of a national chain of hospitals.  They have so far refused to meet the demands of their nurses and medical staff to increase staffing levels to better protect the health of patients. Kevin Graman, retired reporter from the Spokesman Review, wrote a great article on this dispute between labor and Deaconess and Valley Hospital over at 

Meanwhile, Service Employees International Union 1199NW, the union that represents nurses at Valley Hospital and technical and service employees at both Valley and Deaconess Hospitals, presses its efforts to convince the state Legislature to follow California’s lead and impose mandatory nurse-patient ratios in Washington hospitals.

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Per an email I received from Climate Solutions.

ppcWe can build a better future for our kids, but we need
your help.   

csGovernor Inslee and his Climate Workgroup are coming to Spokane and they want to hear from you! On October 16th, they’re holding one of three statewide hearings, in Spokane. This is your chance to demand solutions from our leaders that are on scale to meet the climate challenge. And this is the time to let them know you want them to invest in growing our clean energy economy.

What:  Public hearing on how Washington achieves our climate pollution reduction goals – Governor Inslee will be there and wants to hear from you!

When:  Wednesday, October 16, 5-8:30 pm.

Where: Music Building Auditorium (Bldg. #15, Room 110), Spokane Falls Community College campus at 3410 W. Fort George Wright Drive, Spokane.

Why: The Climate Legislative and Executive Workgroup will recommend policies to meet Washington’s greenhouse gas emission limits. Tell them what climate action means to you and why you want to see bold action!

Want to do more? Contact Jace Bylenga at or at 269.377.5658 to find out how you can help.

Please RSVP today.

Hope to see you there!  And please spread the word on Facebook.


   Joelle Robinson
   Field Director

P.S. Learn more here from Sightline Institute and we need everyone to comment whether you are able to attend or not.

Cowan and Waldref: Hard Work and No Rest

Larry and Rich (4 by 5)Two candidates stand out this year. Those are Democrats Amber Waldref for Spokane City Council and Rich Cowan for State Senate 6th Legislative District.  Lots of local candidates work hard, so that is not what sets them apart. They are unique this year because they are working hard, and they don’t have to.

Amber Waldref

Spokane City Councilwoman Amber Waldref does not have an opponent this year, but she is still knocking on doors and registering voters in fall weather. She is that committed to expanding the Democratic base, and Eastern Washington Voters is helping her.

Rich Cowan

Democrat Rich Cowan is running in 2014 against Republican incumbent Senator Michael Baumgartner for the 6th Legislative District Senate seat. Rich has already started door belling, and Eastern Washington Voters is also helping. It is 13 months before.

To the right is a picture of Rich Cowan (left) and EWV volunteer Larry Hampson (right) after an afternoon of door belling and registering voters.






New Staff: Amara Fiegel

Amara (3 by 2)We couldn’t be more excited to welcome our new staff, Amara Fiegel. Since Amara joined the team, we’ve engage more volunteers, and voter registration has grown exponentially.

Amara said “I love the idea of making the Spokane area more progressive. When I was looking for a job I was selective about where I sent my resume. I wanted a job that I could believe in.”

She went on to say, “There is a certain energy that a person gets when working next to people with complete passion for what they are doing. I truly enjoy working with the volunteers.”

One of her volunteers Dan McLay commented, “She is energetic and relaxed at the same time with great people skills. You might think she is the soccer mom next door. Then you talk to her and see the same kind of focus and drive that a seasoned union organizer has.”

Though Amara might seem all business all the time, she’ll admit that the one celebrity she’d like to meet is Magic Johnson. “I wrote papers about him every chance I got. The first presentation I gave was in the 5th grade and was about his life story.

We want to acknowledge that one of our members Cathy Gunderson was successful in court against Republican candidate Mark Hamilton who was running for Spokane City Council.  The Superior Court Judge agreed that Mark Hamilton could not legally appear on the ballot because he was not a legal resident of the city ward for the one year period required by law prior to filing for office, as reported in the Spokesman Review.  Cathy did this on her own, and Eastern Washington Voters cannot take any credit.

The troubled candidacy of Mark Hamilton came to an end Friday.

A Superior Court judge ruled that Hamilton failed to meet residency requirements for a Spokane City Council seat and prohibited his name from appearing on the general election ballot in November.

Despite significant questions about Hamilton’s candidacy, he has been able to raise sizable amounts of campaign cash. According to the state’s Public Disclosure Commission, he has spent $5,200 of the $8,300 he has raised.Contributions have come from Spokane City Councilman Steve Salvatori, council candidate and former state legislator John Ahern, Spokane County Treasurer Rob Chase and former Supreme Court Justice Richard Sanders, among others.


Carol McGirk and Cathy Gunderson, supporters of Waldref and residents of Spokane’s northeast district, first brought the complaint against Hamilton after an article appeared in The Spokesman-Review questioning his claims of residency.

Frank Malone, who represented McGirk and Gunderson, said before the hearing that he thought the ruling would go against his clients

“Judges are very reticent to decide elections,” he said. “You really don’t want that. Bush versus Gore. I still think about that.”

Bank of America Wants to Tax Credit Unions

Eastern Washington Voters banks at Numerica Credit Union and they just sent us this email.  It appears that the big five Banks, CitiBank, Bank of America, Chase, and Wells Fargo, are trying to snatch an even bigger share of the market.  Average Americans have been outraged by the conduct of the large banks, and have shifted their money into smaller local banks and Credit Unions.  None the big four banks are getting greedy again and don’t like the competition from the CUs, and they are trying to pass legislation that would tax credit unions.  If you want to way in on this, below is information on how.

Don’t Tax My Credit Union

Numerica is joining credit unions across the nation in showing our opposition to legislation, currently being introduced by banks, that would impose new taxes on credit unions. Here are some things you can do to show your support for the credit union movement.

Visit While there, you can:

• Email your legislature: It’s easy to find your representatives, and a form letter is provided.

• Share the message through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn — easy links are available at the top of the page.

• Watch a video and learn more about why credit unions should not be taxed.

Now is the time to take action!

Unsolicited Opinion from the Inland Northwest

Unsolicited OpinionI wanted to welcome a new blogger to Eastern Washington.   He is EWliberal at   Although he is not new to blogging, he just moved to Eastern Washington from the west side of the state.  Part of one of his posts are below.

Free Market Capitalism=American Corporate Welfare

Corporate Welfare is the more openly honest definition of what we hear nowadays from more than one political philosophy when the words “less government” are used.
“Less government” as a concept draws attention to a constitutional concept having to do with individual freedom from its definitive opposite, “too much government.”
However, as crafted by corporate sloganeers “less government” is seen and heard on a regular basis as a mantra of politicians who are accepting lobby bribes to act against our social best interest.
“Less government,” as the prized objective of those who are able to spend enough money to keep corporate welfare in business have made the slogan an object lesson in over simplification as inoculated into the minds and non-critical thinking hearts of many Americans who deem themselves “conservative.”
“Less government” has very little to do with mom-and-pop or streetwise conservatism. It has everything to do with corporate welfare that allows business to run wild and irresponsibly all the while using government to force human citizens to pay out shares of their income to businesses who have no moral right to have their corporate hands out in the first place. We then are controlled and as we have consistently witnessed, corporations and corporate officers run wild.

The 4th and 6th legislative districts in the Spokane area are both very important to getting a resolution passed this legislative session to ask our U.S Congress to draft a constitutional amendment to overturn the devastating effects of the Citizens United decision.   Senator Mike Padden is chair of the Law & Justice Committee and Rep. Matt Shea is on the House Judiciary Committee (both 4th LD legislators).

End Citizens United

Legislatures can be contacted here by email.  Or call them  at the Legislative Hotline at the Legislative Hotline 1.800.562.6000.  Please contact your legislators within the next day or two, the sooner the better, and give them the following message:

  • “I am one of your constituents and I am very concerned about the corrupting role of money in our political system and the dramatic increase in this role as a direct result of the Citizens United decision.
  •  I request that you support and, preferably, co-sponsor Senator Adam Klein’s and Representative Jamie Pedersen’s Memorial Resolution SJM 8002 requesting on behalf of Washington State citizens that the US Congress create and submit to the states for approval a constitutional amendment to overturn the effects of the Citizens United decision.
  • Please notify Senator Klein and Representative Pedersen of your support for SJM 8002.

[Optionally, you might include a request for a reply:  “I would appreciate a reply from you indicating your position on this issue.”]

If you are further inclined, you can also contact the other senators on the Law and Justice Committee.

The best way to highlight our interest and concern is to actually call each legislator’s office using the Legislative Hotline 1.800.562.6000 and leave a brief message with the office staff.

Show them you care about our democracy!

Please vote YES on Prop 1 to allow independent investigations by the Spokane Police Ombudsman of the Spokane Police Department and its officers when citizen complaints are filed. If Prop 1 passed, it will amend the Spokane City Charter, and the authority for independent investigations by the Spokane Police Ombudsman could never be weakened by Spokane City Council votes or future police union contracts.

Prop 1: Give Independent Investigative Authority to the Spokane Police Ombudsman

This Charter Amendment will be up for a vote in Spokane’s Special Election. Ballots will be mailed to votes on Jan 24 & must be returned by Tuesday February 12. Please vote “yes” for Prop 1 for a strong Spokane Police Ombudsman.

Prop 1 for Spokane Police Ombudsman's Independent Investigations of Spokane PoliceSpokane Police Accountability and Reform Coalition (SPARC)

The Spokane Police Accountability and Reform Coalition has been fighting for years to protect people in Spokane County from excessive force and other abuses by law enforcement. A strong Spokane Police Ombudsman is crucial for meaningful civilian oversight, accountability, and the transparency of law enforcement agencies.  There is a long history of abuses by the Spokane Police Department.  Wrongful deaths, beatings, and violations of civil rights occur with little or no accountability to citizens and tax payers.   The Center for Justice website has some of the best investigative reporting  on the topic of the Spokane Police Ombudsman and has come out in support in of Proposition 1.

The Spokane Police Accountability and Reform Coalition (SPARC) meetings are open to all citizens. The Coalition meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 5:30pm at the Community Building, 35 W. Main St., in Spokane. Our Steering Committee meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month at noon and is also open to all. These meeting locations which are subject to change. Please call 838-7870 for more information.


Republican Todd Mielke has wasted our tax dollars.

Spokane County Commissioner, Todd Mielke, has abused his position to approve unlawful land use amendments and purchase property for the County so his friends can make huge profits.  He has done this at the cost of Spokane County tax payers.  Todd Mielke often asks these same people for a campaign contribution just before dishing out favors to them.  The Spokesman Review recently caught him doing just that. 

These abuses and others are alleged in the video.  They cost our communities even more when communities have to defend their interests in the courts and it results in appeals and lawsuits.  The video to the right is about Todd Mielke.  It was paid for by Accountable To Spokane, an ally of ours.

(Update: Here are some more comments about Todd Mielke at

Matt Shea (R) pulled illegal handgun on motorist

It is sad when someone has to be afraid for their life, but it is even sadder when someone has to be afraid of bodily harm from an elected official that holds the public trust.  This was the case last November.  Republican State Representative Matt Shea, Spokane Valley 4th Legislative District, pulled a loaded handgun on another motorist.  The unfortunate soul was Leroy Norris of Spokane County. Matt Shea was cited for two violations of state firearms law in the road rage incident.

Amid some minor discrepancies among the defendant, victims, and a witness, the Spokane Police Department and courts determined that Leroy Norris was speeding in downtown Spokane and perhaps driving a bit recklessly.  However, what happened next made the situation 100 times worse.

Matt Shea, armed and dangerous

Republican Matt Shea drove next to Norris and threatened him with his handgun.   All hell then broke loose.   Leroy Norris freaked out at the sight of Matt Shea and his handgun.  With “fear for his life” he sped away in his car at a considerably faster speed, weaving in and out of traffic.  With little or no concern for the safety of other motorists or pedestrians, Matt Shea chased him with his illegal handgun up South Monroe to 29th Ave.  One or both cars exceeded 60 miles per hour at times through the residential area.

Leroy Norris,  Matt Shea, and a bystander all called 911.  After their initial investigation, the Spokane Police Department decided there was insufficient evidence to cite Norris for any offense.  However, Matt Shea did not have a concealed weapons permit for the handgun hidden in his glove box.  The investigating officers also felt that Shea was threatening Norris with his handgun, which is also illegal.

Matt Shea is cited for the illegal use of his handgun

Therefore, the Police cited Matt Shea with two violations of the State’s firearm law. The Police Report reads as follows.

At this time the defendant [Matt Shea] is in violation of, RCW 9.41.050, the Carrying of Firearms law by the following (in pertinent summary): A person shall not carry or place a loaded pistol in any vehicle unless the person has a license to carry a concealed pistol and the pistol is on the licensee’s person, the licensee is within the vehicle at all time the pistol is there, or the licensee is away from the vehicle and the pistol is locked within the vehicle and is concealed from view from outside the vehicle.

At this time the defendant [Matt Shea] is also in violation of, RCW 9.41.270, Weapons Apparently Capable of Producing Bodily Harm-Unlawful Carrying or Handling by the following (in pertinent summary): It shall be unlawful for any person to carry, exhibit, display, or draw any firearm or any other weapon apparently capable of producing bodily harm in a manner under circumstances and at a time and place that warrants alarm for the safety of other persons. This is clearly shown by the victim’s belief it was an emergent necessity to avoid and maneuver around the defendant, and attempt to get away from the defendant, in the manner in which he did.

After more due process, the prosecutor decided to only charge Matt Shea for the first offense of having a conceal weapon without  permit.  Here is a YouTube video that we produced about the incident involving Matt Shea.

Let me get this straight. A citizen meets with County Commissioner Todd Mielke about official county business to help with a fraud investigation and Mielke asks him for a campaign contribution.

Really? If so, it appears to be an attempt by Mielke to solicit a bribe, and that would be illegal.  Read more about this on our site about Todd Mielke. is another source of good information about Todd Mielke.

When I met Kathleen Drew, candidate for Washington State Secretary of State, I was impressed.  She had a good grasp of the issues affecting the office,  including the need to more fully fund the Washington State Voters Guide, or the Voters pamphlet if you will.

I am running for Secretary of State.  My name is Kathleen Drew. I have the background of both working in the State Senate and also working for the governor for the last six years on many important issues state wide.  In the State Senate I sponsored the ethics legislation that is still governing State employees and elected officials.  It is an important race.  When you look at what is happening across the country, we need to make sure we are not disenfranchising the poor, the elderly, the young people, and the minority voters across our state.  It is important to have a candidate that will increase voter registration and work to increase turnout.  One of the big disappoints to me this year is that the Secretary of State did not print the Primary Voters Guide. With a very complicated ballot, this discourages people from voting.  I will fund the Primary Voters pamphlet for state-wide candidates in future years as well as to support as well as to support Election Day registration and other reforms that are much needed.  It’s been a long time since we had a true progressive as Secretary of State, and I would certainly appreciate your support.

Paul Ryan: MoveOn calls him out on his lies

When most media outlets failed to do their job, MoveOn step up to the task and called out Paul Ryan on his lies. It looks like Paul Ryan is going to be Mitt Romney’s hatchet man.

Last night, Paul Ryan lied to the American people. Some journalists and outlets covered Ryan’s lies. But others failed to check the facts and didn’t call Ryan out on his brazen lies.

In this crucial election, news reporters have an obligation to educate the public about the facts regarding the major issues and call out the candidates every time they lie.

That’s why I created a petition urging the major news corporations—ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, and MSNBC—to live up to their obligation to report the truth. The petition says:

Mainstream media: Fact-check and call out candidates when they lie. You have an obligation as journalists to educate the public on the facts of the major campaign issues.

Click here to add your name to this petition, and then pass it along to your friends.

Here is a list of five lies that Paul Ryan told when he gave his speech at the Republican National Convention last night. Every single news outlet should report on these lies.

1. Lie: President Obama is the “greatest threat” to Medicare.

Truth: Obama didn’t make any cuts to Medicare benefits; he made cuts to provider reimbursements, to improve cost efficiency and extend the fiscal security of Medicare by eight years. According to the Medicare actuary, “[Obama’s] Affordable Care Act makes important changes to the Medicare program and substantially improves its financial outlook.”1

But Ryan actually does want to cut benefits. He proposed dismantling Medicare and replacing it with a voucher system, leaving millions of seniors to come up with more money to pay for care out of pocket.2,3

2. Lie: President Obama didn’t save a General Motors plant in Wisconsin.

Truth: First, Obama wasn’t even in office when the GM plant closed. Second, Obama never made a promise to save it.4

3. Lie: President Obama ignored recommendations of a bipartisan debt commission.

Truth: Paul Ryan actually sat on that commission. And he led Republicans in voting down the commission’s own recommendation. So the commission never gave a report to Obama, because Ryan himself voted to kill the report before it could.5

4. Lie: President Obama is responsible for the downgrading of the U.S. Credit Rating.

Truth: House Republicans, including Paul Ryan, held the full faith and credit of the United States hostage to try to ransom it for trillions of dollars in cuts to social programs without increasing taxes on the wealthy one dime. Standard & Poor’s said specifically, “We have changed our assumption on [revenue] because the majority of Republicans in Congress continue to resist any measure that would raise revenues.” That’s why our nation’s credit rating was downgraded.6,7

5. Lie: Ryan wants to protect the “weak.”

Truth: Ryan’s biggest feat in his political career was proposing a budget with dramatic cuts to programs benefiting the poor. He’d cut Medicaid by one third, take away health care insurance from 30 million Americans, and cut Pell Grants for 1 million students. All so that he could give more tax breaks to the rich.8

Click here to add your name to my petition urging ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, and MSNBC to call out candidates when they lie, and then pass it along to your friends.


–Brenda Witt

1. “Fact check: Paul Ryan at the RNC,” USA Today, August 30, 2012

2. “Undoing Obama Medicare cuts may backfire on Romney,” The Boston Globe, August 18, 2012

3. “Romney-Ryan Medicare Plan Would Cost 29-Year-Olds $331,200: Report,” Huffington Post, August 27, 2012

4. “Paul Ryan Misleads With GM Plant Closure Tale,” Huffington Post, August 29, 2012

5. “Fact Check: Paul Ryan misleads on debt panel’s spending cut plan,” CNN, August 30, 2012

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7. “Paul Ryan Address: Convention Speech Built On Demonstrably Misleading Assertions,” Huffington Post, August 30, 2012

8. “4 Ways Paul Ryan’s Budget Would Devastate The Poor,” ThinkProgress, August 17, 2012

This petition was created on, the progressive, nonprofit petition site. is sponsored by MoveOn Civic Action, which is not responsible for the contents of this or other petitions posted on the site. Brenda Witt didn’t pay us to send this email—we never rent or sell the list.

Want to support our work? MoveOn Civic Action is entirely funded by our 7 million members—no corporate contributions, no big checks from CEOs. And our tiny staff ensures that small contributions go a long way. Chip in here.

–MoveOn email.

This is going to be a fun election year with Republican Paul Ryan on the Presidential ticket.

Breaking news: Mitt Romney just picked tea party hero Paul Ryan as his running mate. And Romney may have just committed political suicide.

Paul Ryan is the author of the most extreme right-wing budget ever proposed in Congress. He wants to dismantle Medicare, privatize Social Security, and cut taxes for millionaires while raising taxes on the middle class.1

Simply put, the policies Republican Paul Ryan stands for are politically toxic.

But here’s the thing: Republican Paul Ryan isn’t just a extremist—he’s young, smart, and charming. The media constantly describe him as looking like “the boy next door.” He’s the ultimate wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The next ten days are crucial to make sure the American people understand the truth about Paul Ryan. We’re launching an emergency “Paul Ryan is Wrong For America” campaign, but we need to raise $200,000 this weekend to make it happen.

Chip in $5 to help America learn the truth about Paul Ryan.

Here’s the plan:

    • We’ll hold protests everywhere Romney and Ryan go this week, and we’ve got an ambitious plan to hand out over 1 million pink slips to voters to show how many jobs the Romney-Ryan ticket would cost us.


    • We’re going to share stories from Paul Ryan’s actual constituents who know best what he’s all about—including one woman who was unemployed, facing large medical bills, and literally camped out for a week in front of Paul Ryan’s office because he refused to meet with her. She’s still waiting for her meeting.


  • We’re putting together a wave of super-sharable videos, photos, and Facebook posts that we can use to tell people about Paul Ryan via social media. For starters there’s an unbelievable clip of Glenn Beck calling Paul Ryan his “soul mate.”2

I’m so excited to put this plan into action. If we can pull it off, this could hurt the Romney campaign the way the Sarah Palin debacle hurt Republican John McCain. But we can’t do it unless we can raise $200,000 this weekend. 

Chip in $5 to help make sure America knows the truth about Paul Ryan.

The next ten days are crucial for the future of America. Every day this week, Mitt Romney will be making appearances with Paul Ryan at diners, town squares, factories—all to create the false impression that he and Paul Ryan understand the concerns of people like you and me.

The Republicans are trying to do exactly what they did with George W. Bush—convince people that he’s someone you’d like to have a beer with, and then ram though a far-right agenda that screws the middle class.

We can’t count on the media to tell the truth. It’s up to us to set the record straight.

Chip in $5 to help make sure America knows the truth about Paul Ryan.

Thanks for all you do.

–Justin, Tate, Laura, Julia, and the rest of the team


1. “12 Things You Should Know About Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan,” Think Progress, August 11, 2012

2. “Glenn’s Soulmate?”, April 12, 2010


Felonies and Voting

Eastern Washington Voters registered Lee Ann to vote this July in downtown Spokane. For her loosing the right to vote was very painful, and now she appreciates the right to register to vote even more. She did not know her right to vote had been automatically restored once she was off of community custody until Eastern Washington Voters talked to her.

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