I got this from Amber Waldref.  Please note that EWV has not taken a position on all these races.

Dear friends,Thank you for supporting me during my previous Spokane City Council campaigns. You are receiving this email if you are on my campaign email list. (If you don’t live in WA State, feel free to ignore!).

You should have received your WA General Election ballot by now. Please turn it in by Tuesday, Nov. 3rd! You can mail in your ballot or drop it at all Spokane Libraries or the Elections Office at 1033 W Gardner. Missing your ballot? Call 477-2320 during business hours.

People always ask me who I am supporting in an election. This is my attempt to provide you with my perspective. (If you don’t see a specific candidate or issue mentioned here, I haven’t taken a position).

Here are some thoughts — take them or leave them!

State Initiative 1366 – VOTE NO
City Council voted last week to oppose this initiative, which is sponsored by Tim Eyeman and tries to force the State legislature to put a 2/3 majority tax vote requirement on the ballot or cut sales tax. This is not the way to fix our tax system in WA State, plus the $8Billion sales tax cut would have a negative impact on many Spokane programs like the Medical School and other education investments, as well as affordable housing and mental health services.

State Initiative 1401 – VOTE YES
This seeks to help protect animals threatened with extinction by making it illegal to sell, trade, buy these types of animals here in WA State.

Statewide Advisory Measure #10, #11, #12, #13 – VOTE YES These measures are affirming majority decisions by the Legislature to: direct some oil taxes to pay for oil train spill response; clarify the marijuana excise tax; increase the gas tax to fund transportation projects; close tax loopholes to fund education.

Spokane County Proposition 1 – VOTE NO
I was initially enamored with the idea of expanding our County Commission from 3 to 5 elected members to ensure greater representation. However, I think the appropriate way to achieve this is by creating a Charter County that allows for electing by district and the creation of unbiased boundaries, which this Prop doesn’t do.




Spokane City Prop 2 and Prop 3 – Voter’s Choice
These are “advisory” measures that I did not support placing on the ballot, but the majority of City Council did to get “advice” from voters on Prop 1. I am personally leaving them blank since they have no real legislative impact.

City Council President: Ben Stuckart
Ben has been an active leader of the Council, strengthening the role of this legislative branch of the City. He has sponsored many progressive policies and has been a passionate supporter of the libraries, neighborhoods, and strategic use of public dollars for public good.

Spokane City District 1: Randy Ramos
Randy attended Rogers High School and is a recent grad of the Spokane Tribal College. Randy has a passion for improving housing and jobs. . . .

City Council District 2 – Lori Kinnear
Lori has been my legislative aide for 3 years. I know her well and I can personally attest to her experience getting work done for the citizens, her dedication to increasing public safety and neighborhood vitality, and her strong ethics.

City Council District 3 – Karen Stratton
Karen comes from a family dedicated to public service. After years of working in higher ed, for the State legislature and for several Spokane mayors, she was appointed to Council and has shown herself to be a thoughtful decision-maker who seeks out the input of business and citizens.

Spokane School District 81 Director Position No. 3
Jerrall Haynes

Spokane School District 81 Director Position No. 4
Paul Schneider

You may have a different perspective on some of these issues or candidates and I respect that. However you choose to vote, please take the time to complete and turn in your ballot by Nov. 3rd!

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