I got this email from my friend Jace.  If you get electricity from Avista (and most of us do) let them know you want clean energy.

Take action today!


Let’s bring green jobs to Eastern Washington.

Local energy company Avista still gets about 20 percent of its electricity from one of the west’s largest and most polluting coal-fired power plants in Colstrip, MT. Replacing coal with clean energy is one of the biggest steps we can take to reduce our pollution and invest in Washington jobs.

Avista Needs to Stop Using Coal

Keep up the pressure on Avista by posting a quick message on their Facebook wall, telling them to retire this dangerous coal plant.

Click here to post a quick message on Avista’s Facebook wall to let them know you are ready for a coal-free Washington!

The Sierra Club and other allies are working with Avista to demonstrate that clean energy investment is what is best for our communities. Big companies like Avista listen to their customers, your input will go far to show the company that this is what their customers want.

Avista need to see that our community wants clean and renewable energy and the good family wage jobs that go with it. Our future lies in wind, solar, and energy efficiency, not a dirty 19th century fuel like coal.

Thank you for all you do to bring clean energy to Eastern Washington.


Jace Bylenga
Washington Beyond Coal Campaign

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