Now Republicans want to shut down Congress and head home?

I just received an email from Bernie.

The wealthy and powerful in this country have never had it so good.

While the very rich get richer and the middle class shrinks, the Republican majority has passed a deeply unpopular tax bill that would make income and wealth inequality much worse. This legislation, at the end of ten years, would provide 83 percent of the tax benefits to the top 1 percent and the largest corporations. Incredibly, 60 percent of the benefits would go to the top 1/10th of one percent. Meanwhile, by 2027, taxes on 92 million middle class households would increase. Further, 13 million people will lose their health insurance and premiums on the individual market will increase by 10 percent.

Having passed this horrific legislation, the Republican leadership now wants to shut down Congress and head home for the Christmas break.

Well, I respectfully disagree.

Maybe, just maybe, before Congress adjourns for the holidays they should pay attention to the needs of the working families of our country and not just the billionaire class.

Maybe, just maybe, before Congress goes home they might want to address the incredible anxiety that some 800,000 Dreamers are facing who are on the verge of losing their legal status, and face the possibility of deportation. Can you imagine being 20 years old, having spent virtually your entire life in the United States, and now worrying about being forced out of the only country you have ever known because of Trump’s incredibly ugly decision to repeal DACA? Despicable.

Congress must act NOW to protect the Dreamers.

The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and Community Health Centers, whose funding expired on September 30, must be reauthorized and fully funded. Before Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan shut down Congress for the holiday season tens of millions of Americans and their kids must be guaranteed that they will not be thrown off of the health insurance they currently have.

Congress must act NOW to protect health care for children and working families.

If Congress does not act now, 1.5 million workers and retirees in multi-employer pension plans could lose the pensions they were promised by up to 60 percent. People who have worked their entire lives for guaranteed pensions should not be forced to live in poverty because Congress broke the promise it made to them.

Congress must act NOW to protect the earned pensions of 1.5 million American workers.

While members of Congress return home for holiday celebrations, many people in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands will not be able to turn on their Christmas lights because they continue to have no electricity as a result of the devastation caused by the recent hurricanes. Congress must pass significant disaster relief to help the people of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Texas and Florida.

Congress must act NOW to provide financial disaster assistance to those communities hit hard by recent natural disasters.

Sisters and brothers: Our message is simple. Congress cannot simply close shop, go home and leave millions of working people in desperate anxiety.

Please send a message to Speaker Ryan and Senate Leader McConnell. Sign my petition telling them don’t shut down Congress for the holidays until you address the pressing needs of the American people. Don’t give tax breaks to billionaires while ignoring the suffering of working families.

Thank you for making your voice heard. The struggle continues.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders

Republicans: Back when They Were Reasonable

(Letter-to-The-Editor) Back when some prominent Republicans were reasonable, they endorsed some measures now advocated by the Obama administration. Quickly comes to mind ObamaCare which essentially copied Massachusetts’ 2006 health care reform under then-Republican Governor Mitt Romney, who now effectively opposes his own plan. This Massachusetts reform included the individual mandate of ObamaCare, now opposed by Republicans, but also included in the Republican response to the Clinton administration’s unsuccessful 1993 health care reform proposal.

Less easily remembered is advice regarding Iran proactively given preceding the 2008 election to the next president—Barack Obama or John McCain– by former Republican Secretaries of State James Baker III (President George H. W. Bush) and Henry Kissinger (Presidents Nixon and Ford). Both advised negotiating with Iran, preferring nuclear negotiations at the Secretary of State level ( ), exactly the current situation between the US’s John Kerry and Iran’s Mohammad Javad Zarif. But Senate Republicans presently disdain this advice from their own party’s most esteemed former diplomats. Spurred by an unprecedented negative letter to Iranian officials containing 47 Republican Senate signatories including Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, they are intensely trying to undermine nuclear negotiations with Iran, even without knowledge of what the final proposed deal may be.



Norm Luther
Spokane, WA 99223

Republicans Don’t Even Take their own Advice

(Letter-to-the-Editor) Back when some prominent Republicans were reasonable, they endorsed some measures now advocated by the Obama administration.  Quickly comes to mind ObamaCare which essentially copied Massachusetts’ 2006 health care reform under then-Republican Governor Mitt Romney, who now effectively opposes his own plan.  This Massachusetts reform included the individual mandate of ObamaCare, now opposed by Republicans, but also included in the Republican response to the Clinton administration’s unsuccessful 1993 health care reform proposal.

Less easily remembered is advice regarding Iran proactively given preceding the 2008 election to the next president—Barack Obama or John McCain— by former Republican Secretaries of State James Baker III (President George H. W. Bush) and Henry Kissinger (Presidents Nixon and Ford).  Both advised negotiating with Iran, preferring nuclear negotiations at the Secretary of State level ( ), exactly the current situation between the US’s John Kerry and Iran’s Mohammad Javad Zarif.   But Senate Republicans presently disdain this advice from their own party’s most esteemed former diplomats.  Spurred by an unprecedented negative letter to Iranian officials containing 47 Republican Senate signatories including Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, they are intensely trying to undermine nuclear negotiations with Iran, even without knowledge of what the final proposed deal may be.

Norm Luther
, WA 99223

Double Standards in D.C.

mcmorris and trump(Letter to the Editor) I don’t want to insult anybody’s intelligence, but still feel compelled to state the obvious: If U.S Congressional members are forced to resign by sexual harassment charges, what about our president?

Congressional Democrats have generally been willing to force resignations, including those of their own offending party members.  But considerably more pressure is required by congressional Republicans like our Rep. McMorris Rodgers to effect the president’s resignation.  Unfortunately, as pointed out in a prominent eastern Washington newspaper’s 12/7/17 editorial, there is a double standard among most congressional Republicans: offending Democrats should resign but not Republicans. Once again congressional Republicans choose political gain over ethics and morality.

McMorris Rodgers

As usual, our own US Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers marches lockstep with the Republican leadership’s double standard, showing her continual reluctance to criticize the president and with no effort in learning her constituents’ views on the subject.

The good news is that we can change all this, at least locally, by electing Lisa Brown to replace McMorris Rodgers in 2018.

Norm Luther
Spokane, WA

Cathy McMorris Rogers: Leader or Potted Plant?

(11/15/17) Where’s our representative, Cathy McMorris Rogers?

Here we are with the Republicans in Congress lining up in front of media microphones to denounce an alleged sexual predator, Judge Roy Moore, who thinks he should be their guy in the Senate from Alabama.  Gadsden, Alabama’s pride and joy has the GOP leadership apoplectic at the prospect of having to eject an elected senator like Moore who has a history of prowling malls and high school civics classes in his 30s looking for dates.

Admittedly, this depraved (retired?) predator Roy Moore plans to infect the Senate, not the House of Representatives. But you have to wonder, wouldn’t a powerful woman like Cathy McMorris Rodgers in GOP leader in the House have something to say about the victimization of young girls by a politically powerful man?  Apparently not. Silence.

Cathy McMorris Rogers purports to be the fourth most powerful person in Congress. Yet Wikipedia officially lists the Republican leadership as: Speaker Paul Ryan, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Majority Whip Steve Scalise. Then it moves on to describe the Democratic Party leaders, Nancy Pelosi and Stenny Hoyer.  Oops! They missed McMorris Rodgers, the fourth most influential legislator in the House of Representatives.  All that clout, and yet no mention of Cathy. Hmmmm…

Not to worry.  If you want to find the fourth most powerful Congressperson, you need only adjust your glance during any of the seemingly endless appearances of other Republican leaders on your TV screen.  Just look to the left or right and behind any of these brighter lights of the GOP.  There McMorris is!

That’s’ our Cathy, standing a row or two back, sometimes obscured by a flagpole or potted plant, always with good posture. There’s our McMorris Rodgers with the same forced grimace-cum-smile.  There’s CMR, head nodding approval at just the right moments, politely applauding on cue.

Occasionally we may even see our Congresswoman McMorris Rogers in a solo appearance as she leaves the podium at the beginning of a presser, just before someone the media actually wants to hear from takes to the dais.  Apparently, Cathy is useful for microphone checks.

Often, Cathy McMorris Rodgers is the only distaff member of her caucus in the crowded video frame at media opportunities.  She serves to prove the GOP leadership is not composed entirely of cranky old Southern men with names like Buddy or Trey or Jefferson Beauregard or smug X-Gen refugees from a Nordstrom catalog. McMorris Rodgers sidelined position in this bold new Congressional leadership team is somehow supposed to reflect her power, accumulated via six re-elections, in the Congressional 5th District, a seat the Democratic Party has pretty much written off as unwinnable…until this year.

For the first time in a long while, the Democratic National Committee and the Congressional Campaign Committee are committing resources to taking back the 5th Congressional District, part of a larger effort to recapture the House of Representatives,

That may account for the recent uptick in canned email updates I have been getting from the our Representative McMorris Rodgers lately.  Often these emails will include a Rogers interview copied from some obscure conservative radio broadcast or podcast or a blurry video from the basement of some Bannon wannabe.

Since McMorris Rodgers painfully boring response to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address 2014, (See it here, if you are having trouble sleeping through Donald Trump’s tweet storms:

This presentation should make it clear why Congresswoman Rogers has been pretty much the potted plant at GOP media events. As she said in that snoozer, “Who’d have believed a young girl working the drive through at the McDonald’s in Colville….”

She makes a good point. I’ve been to that Colville McDonald lots of times and I can tell you that I don’t remember a single face from that drive-through window, not even CMR’s.

Clearly, voters in Eastern Washington can do better – much better, as it turns out this cycle. This election cycle, voters in Eastern Washington don’t have to pick one tribe or the other. Yes, CMR’s opponent will be running under the Democratic party banner.

Lisa Brown, will be running mostly under her own flag, a bright, inspiring banner of legislative and economic development achievements that helped Eastern Washington survive the Bush-Cheney recession as Majority Leader of the Washington State Senate.

Then she came home to lead the development of a full-on, uniquely conceived medical school for Washington State University.  While in the state senate, Brown pressured, cajoles, smoozed and persuaded her peers to support establishing WSU’s first medical school right here in Spokane.  And due to her leadership as Chancellor of the WSU Spokane campus that developed a truly unique focus on developing general practitioners who will stay in Eastern Washington to practice in the critical, but vanishing, role of family doctor.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers can continue to hide from the white male bullies like Judge Roy Moore.  She is an expert at fading into the background when the political heat rises.

But Lisa Brown didn’t deliver these very real benefits of North Side freeway funding, Kendall Yard development incentives or Spokane’s first complete medical school by hiding behind her male counterparts, smiling complacently in row two or three of every photo op.

At long last it should be abundantly clear to the Eastern Washington voter that we can do better…a lot better by voting for her. She’s the one in the front row, at the microphone, leading, not the potted plant in the background behind that collection of cranky old men.

By Jim Wavada

Republican U.S. Congresswomen Cathy McMorris Rogers and many other  of her Republicans colleagues could be vulnerable when they see re-election in 2018. That is to say, if they repeal the Affordable Care Act they face a large voter rebellion according to the below analysis. Of course, the ACA should be kept, but if Republicans put politics ahead of people they will pay a price in lost votes. Up to 82,000 people in McMorris’ 5th Congressional district would lose coverage if the ACA is repealed. That is a lot considering she only won re-election by 62,400 votes in 2016.

Of course, many of those 82,000 individuals already voted for Democratic candidates.  Also, some of them will vote Republican no matter what in 2018. However, it could compel ten, twenty, or thirty thousand more voters to cast their ballot for the Democratic candidate for U.S. Congress. If even twenty thousand Republicans switched and voted for the Democratic candidate in the 5th CD, that would change McMorris Rodgers’ 2016 margin to only 22,000 votes in 2018 . Between that and people’s general disdain for the party of popular vote loser Donald Trump, we may have a chance in 2016 of finally defeating Cathy McMorris Rodgers.

We are looking for amateur and professional writers to write articles and blog posts about this and also about McMorris position on the ACA. Any length is fine. You can email me at Bryanb [at] ewvoters [dot] org.

Actually, a few dozen Republicans in competitive races could find themselves hurt by the repeal of the ACA.


Joe Pakootas Kickoff for 2016

Pakootas Kickoff Graphic smallToday, October 8, 2016, Congressional Candidate Joe Pakootas, along with his team of volunteers, will be launching his 2016 bid for Congress in Eastern Washington’s 5th Congressional District at Campaign Headquarters, 1410 W. Dean in Spokane from 5:307pm. The Campaign expects over 300 in attendance to celebrate his continued candidacy.

Joe Pakootas

Joe Pakootas, current CEO of the Nez Perce Tribe said he: “Is ready for the challenge.  My Team and I have a plan and we’re already working hard to bring the change Eastern Washington needs.”  Joe has seen what the Republicans’ led by his opponent Cathy McMorris Rodgers have done to the middle class in Eastern Washington. Joe Pakootas cites statistics that should have us all concerned: “One in five people live on foodstamps and one in six live below the federal poverty level. Our unemployment rate is 30% higher than the national level and our dropout rates are in the double figures.” Pakootas says: “Unlike my opponent who has the money of multi-national corporations and PACs at her disposal, I am not beholding to anyone.”

As a small business owner and CEO of a multi-million dollar federal corporation, Pakootas brings decades of business, environmental and leadership experience to the 2016 race for Congress.  Unlike his opponent, he has created hundreds of family-wage jobs in the 5th District, managed hundreds of employees, as well as 13 business enterprises, including more than 1 million acres of land, lumber mills, recreational and retail operations.  His implementation of sustainable business practices for the Colville Tribal Federal Corporation secured a multi-million dollar revenue stream which is helping improve the lives of the nearly 10,000 members of 12 Tribal bands across 3 states.

Pakootas and his Campaign Team of nearly 300 will continue to volunteer regularly in the community supporting non-profit organizations.  Most recently his Campaign Team launched a Fire Relief effort that raised nearly $5,000 in cash and hundreds of donations of food, clothing and supplies for firefighters and evacuees.  The video on his website chronicles the effort.

For more information contact:

Susan Brudnicki, Campaign Manager

Pakootas for Congress


Affordable Care Act: Upheld

Hooray!  Obamacare is hear to stay!

This morning, the United States Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare.

The justices, thankfully, did not condemn millions of fellow citizens to lose their coverage.

Now it’s time for our country to put the fights over Obamacare’s implementation behind us and move toward realizing this moral imperative:

Health care is a right.

Let’s make today’s Supreme Court victory the catalyst to finally getting the health care system the American people need and deserve — single-payer Medicare-for-All.

Private, for-profit health insurance is an unconscionable failure.  The U.S. is alone among wealthy nations in failing to realize that universal coverage is the only ethical, effective and efficient way to provide all of its citizens accessible and affordable care.

Every year, we lose $400 billion to corporate profits, administrative inefficiency and inflated costs for tests, procedures and medications. Millions of men, women and children can’t see a doctor when they get sick.

And tens of thousands die. Not because of a medical condition, but because of an insurance condition. That condition is 100 percent curable — if we work together starting now.

Everybody in, nobody out.


Robert Weissman
President, Public Citizen

carol gregory state representatives democratI just received this email from State Rep. Marcus Riccelli about a special election this year.  Earlier this year Carol J. Gregory was appointed to the Washington House of Representatives by Governor Inslee to the seat left vacant in the State House of Representative in the 30th Legislative District after the death of Representative Roger Freeman in 2014. Now there is a special election for the remainder of Freeman’s term. I am not sure who the Republican opponent is yet, but the balance of power in the State will be shaped by the outcome of the race.  The 30th is a swing district.  The race could go either way.  –Bryan


Marcus Riccelli

Dear Friends,

This year there is a critical Special Election in the 30th Legislative District which will have huge implications for our state.  Representative Carol Gregory was appointed to the House of Representatives in January after being selected by the 30th District PCO’s. Now, Carol must fight to retain her seat this November and she needs your help.

Carol’s race is the only legislative race in the state this year, which means the Republicans are focusing all of their energy on defeating her.  The Democratic majority in the House hinges on Carol’s election in November.  Will you support Carol’s campaign and help us win this critical election and protect our state?

A former schoolteacher and current Federal Way School Board member, Carol Gregory is a born-and-raised Washingtonian.  She has extensive experience in education, government, community leadership, and the Democratic Party.  Carol has an impressive resume that includes president of the WEA and eight years serving Governor Booth Gardner. Carol has also specialized in workforce training and economic development, working for the Small Business Improvement Council and as a representative on the Seattle/King County Workforce Development Council.

Carol’s roots are deep in her community and she is the right person to represent the 30th District.  Even though her seat has been held by a Democrat for the past two years, many still consider the 30th to be a true swing district, and her Republican opponent can be expected to run an expensive campaign, as they seek to pick up this seat. While much has been focused on retaining the State Senate, our majority in the House is now only 51-47.

I don’t need to tell you how important that majority is, just look at the contrasts in proposed state budgets between Senate Republicans and House Democrats. House Democrats invest in core services and work to level the playing field for small businesses by asking corporations and the very wealthy to pay their fair share for the quality of life we expect in Washington state. Senate Republicans built a budget based on gimmicks, illegal contract violations, and one-time transfers.

Let me be clear, the right wing is going to throw everything they have at Carol.  And the only way to continue to strengthen our families and middle class and ensure we are building a better future for our kids is to elect Carol Gregory this November.

Please join me and show Carol she has grassroots support to fend off the Republican attacks and win in November.  Please click here to support Carol’s campaign with a gift of $100, $50, $25 or whatever you can afford today.  Your early support will be key to Carol’s success in November and she is grateful for contributions of any size.

Please pitch in today and help us win this critical election. The fate of our state depends on it.

Thank you for standing up for our shared values,

Marcus M. Riccelli

P.S. Carol has just four days to raise money until she reports back to Olympia for the special legislative session.  Please make your contribution today, before the fundraising freeze kicks back in!

Governor McMorris-Rodgers in 2016?

Jerry Cornfield, a columnist for the Herald, suggest that Cathy McMorris Rodgers may run for Governor of Washington against Inslee in 2016.  Can ya imagine what the State would look like if she did?  She would probably try to do away with basic health, the Department of Ecology would likely be cut in half, and birth control less accessible. 

Will McMorris or someone else run?

The issue of whether she or some one else would run for the Governor of Washington in 2016 is discussed in more detail at OurnextGovernor

Washington Governor Jay Inslee will be up for re-election in 2016, and the presumption is that he will run for re-election. However, who is likely to be the Republican nominee that challenges him for Governor of the State of Washington?  . . . Jerry Cornfield, Herald Columnist, listed some of his guesses about who will run for Governor of the State of Washington against Inslee. He quotes Rob Mckenna as saying he will not run a second time. 

Jerry Cornfield, Herald Columnist, says this about McMorris.

She is in her fifth term and is chairwoman of the GOP caucus making her the highest ranking Republican woman in Congress. She enjoys the national stage more than that of Olympia where she spent four terms as a state lawmaker. That might be reason enough for her to abstain from the governor’s race.

In the end I believe that Cathy McMorris Rodgers will stay in the U.S. House for at least another ten years.  It has been very good for her career and advancement in the hierarchy of the Republican Party.  However, I suspect that her party advanced her to the Chair of the House Republican Conference to be their token woman in their leadership, and I don’t think they will advance her any farther in the House leadership. The Republican Party and especially Republicans in Congress are still too much of an old boy network. When she wakes up to this, perhaps the Congresswomen will consider a run for Governor of the State of Washington, but it will probably not be in 2016.

Paul Ryan: MoveOn calls him out on his lies

When most media outlets failed to do their job, MoveOn step up to the task and called out Paul Ryan on his lies. It looks like Paul Ryan is going to be Mitt Romney’s hatchet man.

Last night, Paul Ryan lied to the American people. Some journalists and outlets covered Ryan’s lies. But others failed to check the facts and didn’t call Ryan out on his brazen lies.

In this crucial election, news reporters have an obligation to educate the public about the facts regarding the major issues and call out the candidates every time they lie.

That’s why I created a petition urging the major news corporations—ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, and MSNBC—to live up to their obligation to report the truth. The petition says:

Mainstream media: Fact-check and call out candidates when they lie. You have an obligation as journalists to educate the public on the facts of the major campaign issues.

Click here to add your name to this petition, and then pass it along to your friends.

Here is a list of five lies that Paul Ryan told when he gave his speech at the Republican National Convention last night. Every single news outlet should report on these lies.

1. Lie: President Obama is the “greatest threat” to Medicare.

Truth: Obama didn’t make any cuts to Medicare benefits; he made cuts to provider reimbursements, to improve cost efficiency and extend the fiscal security of Medicare by eight years. According to the Medicare actuary, “[Obama’s] Affordable Care Act makes important changes to the Medicare program and substantially improves its financial outlook.”1

But Ryan actually does want to cut benefits. He proposed dismantling Medicare and replacing it with a voucher system, leaving millions of seniors to come up with more money to pay for care out of pocket.2,3

2. Lie: President Obama didn’t save a General Motors plant in Wisconsin.

Truth: First, Obama wasn’t even in office when the GM plant closed. Second, Obama never made a promise to save it.4

3. Lie: President Obama ignored recommendations of a bipartisan debt commission.

Truth: Paul Ryan actually sat on that commission. And he led Republicans in voting down the commission’s own recommendation. So the commission never gave a report to Obama, because Ryan himself voted to kill the report before it could.5

4. Lie: President Obama is responsible for the downgrading of the U.S. Credit Rating.

Truth: House Republicans, including Paul Ryan, held the full faith and credit of the United States hostage to try to ransom it for trillions of dollars in cuts to social programs without increasing taxes on the wealthy one dime. Standard & Poor’s said specifically, “We have changed our assumption on [revenue] because the majority of Republicans in Congress continue to resist any measure that would raise revenues.” That’s why our nation’s credit rating was downgraded.6,7

5. Lie: Ryan wants to protect the “weak.”

Truth: Ryan’s biggest feat in his political career was proposing a budget with dramatic cuts to programs benefiting the poor. He’d cut Medicaid by one third, take away health care insurance from 30 million Americans, and cut Pell Grants for 1 million students. All so that he could give more tax breaks to the rich.8

Click here to add your name to my petition urging ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, and MSNBC to call out candidates when they lie, and then pass it along to your friends.


–Brenda Witt

1. “Fact check: Paul Ryan at the RNC,” USA Today, August 30, 2012

2. “Undoing Obama Medicare cuts may backfire on Romney,” The Boston Globe, August 18, 2012

3. “Romney-Ryan Medicare Plan Would Cost 29-Year-Olds $331,200: Report,” Huffington Post, August 27, 2012

4. “Paul Ryan Misleads With GM Plant Closure Tale,” Huffington Post, August 29, 2012

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7. “Paul Ryan Address: Convention Speech Built On Demonstrably Misleading Assertions,” Huffington Post, August 30, 2012

8. “4 Ways Paul Ryan’s Budget Would Devastate The Poor,” ThinkProgress, August 17, 2012

This petition was created on, the progressive, nonprofit petition site. is sponsored by MoveOn Civic Action, which is not responsible for the contents of this or other petitions posted on the site. Brenda Witt didn’t pay us to send this email—we never rent or sell the list.

Want to support our work? MoveOn Civic Action is entirely funded by our 7 million members—no corporate contributions, no big checks from CEOs. And our tiny staff ensures that small contributions go a long way. Chip in here.

–MoveOn email.

This is going to be a fun election year with Republican Paul Ryan on the Presidential ticket.

Breaking news: Mitt Romney just picked tea party hero Paul Ryan as his running mate. And Romney may have just committed political suicide.

Paul Ryan is the author of the most extreme right-wing budget ever proposed in Congress. He wants to dismantle Medicare, privatize Social Security, and cut taxes for millionaires while raising taxes on the middle class.1

Simply put, the policies Republican Paul Ryan stands for are politically toxic.

But here’s the thing: Republican Paul Ryan isn’t just a extremist—he’s young, smart, and charming. The media constantly describe him as looking like “the boy next door.” He’s the ultimate wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The next ten days are crucial to make sure the American people understand the truth about Paul Ryan. We’re launching an emergency “Paul Ryan is Wrong For America” campaign, but we need to raise $200,000 this weekend to make it happen.

Chip in $5 to help America learn the truth about Paul Ryan.

Here’s the plan:

    • We’ll hold protests everywhere Romney and Ryan go this week, and we’ve got an ambitious plan to hand out over 1 million pink slips to voters to show how many jobs the Romney-Ryan ticket would cost us.


    • We’re going to share stories from Paul Ryan’s actual constituents who know best what he’s all about—including one woman who was unemployed, facing large medical bills, and literally camped out for a week in front of Paul Ryan’s office because he refused to meet with her. She’s still waiting for her meeting.


  • We’re putting together a wave of super-sharable videos, photos, and Facebook posts that we can use to tell people about Paul Ryan via social media. For starters there’s an unbelievable clip of Glenn Beck calling Paul Ryan his “soul mate.”2

I’m so excited to put this plan into action. If we can pull it off, this could hurt the Romney campaign the way the Sarah Palin debacle hurt Republican John McCain. But we can’t do it unless we can raise $200,000 this weekend. 

Chip in $5 to help make sure America knows the truth about Paul Ryan.

The next ten days are crucial for the future of America. Every day this week, Mitt Romney will be making appearances with Paul Ryan at diners, town squares, factories—all to create the false impression that he and Paul Ryan understand the concerns of people like you and me.

The Republicans are trying to do exactly what they did with George W. Bush—convince people that he’s someone you’d like to have a beer with, and then ram though a far-right agenda that screws the middle class.

We can’t count on the media to tell the truth. It’s up to us to set the record straight.

Chip in $5 to help make sure America knows the truth about Paul Ryan.

Thanks for all you do.

–Justin, Tate, Laura, Julia, and the rest of the team


1. “12 Things You Should Know About Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan,” Think Progress, August 11, 2012

2. “Glenn’s Soulmate?”, April 12, 2010


Democratic U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell defeated Republican State Senator Michael Baumgartner in the 2012 Primary for the U.S. Senate 55% to 30%.  Cantwell has always been a hero of mine.

Democratic Senator Maria Cantwell

Maria Cantwell has always been on the forefront of the issues I care about the most: slowing down climate change, campaign finance reform, and banking reform.  Even when no one else stood up for the middle class on these issues, Democratic Senator Maria Cantwell did.  Michael Senator, we are looking forward to six more years.  Below is a post-primary email from her campaign.

First off, thank you to our amazing supporters who turned out to give Maria a huge victory in last night’s primary election — we can’t thank you enough for your incredible support!

But now our attention turns to the November elections, and after last night the troop of Republicans who wanted to challenge Maria has been whittled down to a single opponent: (Republican) State Senator Michael Baumgartner. Given the statements that he has made about Maria in the past, we can only assume that the attacks will be coming soon — and we have to be ready.

Statewide elections in Washington are always close and hard fought, so we can’t take anything for granted. That’s why we’re kicking off the general election by setting a goal of 500 contributions before midnight on Saturday so we can show the grassroots strength that will re-elect Maria to the Senate.

Let’s get the general election off to a strong start — help us reach our goal by contributing $3 or more to our campaign today!

Now that the primary is over, we need to make a huge statement right away. That’s because right-wing mega-donors like Sheldon Adelson and the Koch Brothers — along with shadowy right-wing front groups like Karl Rove’s American Crossroads — will be watching closely in these early weeks of the general election to see if we’re vulnerable.

By making a big statement now, it’s more likely they’ll stay out of the race entirely, without pouring millions of dollars in. These outside forces could change the dynamics of this race overnight, and we can’t let that happen.

There’s just too much at stake in this election for us to risk outside involvement: From educating the workforce of tomorrow and ensuring that Washington remains the hub of American aerospace, to protecting Medicare and Social Security for Washington’s seniors, we need to keep Maria in the Senate so she can continue fighting for us. Will you help, right now?

Please contribute $3 or more today — help us reach our grassroots donors goal and start the general election strong!

Thank you for helping Maria. With your support, we’ll show our grassroots strength and put ourselves on solid footing for the general election race ahead.


Robin Brand
Campaign Manager
Friends of Maria

Hopefully, it will be a good year for Democrats with Republicans like Mitt Romney, Cathy McMorris-Rodgers, and Michael Baumgartner running.