Lisa Brown sent out this email last week to her supporters.

This was the heart-wrenching question posed to me by a young girl at a Walla Walla community forum hosted by students from Whitman College and Walla Walla University. It highlights the fear and frustration people are feeling in the shadow of yet another school shooting and the predictable headlines of congressional division and inaction.

I don’t have the definitive answer to her question, but I don’t believe we have to choose between the Second Amendment and children’s lives. Interestingly, a gun owner in Deer Park and educators in Cheney and Spokane said the same thing at forums in their communities.

I’ve attended six public forums and talked to many people all across the district – from Spokane Valley, to Republic, to Walla Walla – and the consistent message I’m hearing is that people are frustrated with the either/or polarization that paralyzes decision-making.

They want action. They know there is consensus on a range of issues. So they don’t understand why congressional leadership fails to address these priorities.

On the gun issue alone, there is broad support for universal background checks and banning the sale of bump stocks. Instead congressional leaders, including Rep, McMorris Rodgers, offer condolences after tragedies and move on without acting.

I will continue to reach out, listen and learn. As your representative, I would deliver your concerns to Congress, not bring political party talking points back to you.