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re: Mike Fagan . . . Can You Believe This!!!

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“A email went out yesterday inviting Spokane to attend a joint fundraiser for David Condon and Mike Fagan.  This is unprecedented.

A sitting Mayor is supporting a candidate who referred to Governor Inslee as a “lying whore”.

The Democratic Party does not condone this behavior and you shouldn’t either. This reflects poorly on Spokane, the Mayor’s office, and our City Council.
In addition to referring to the Governor as a lying whore, Mike Fagan’s business partner is being investigated for illegal money schemes.

Read about: Fagan’s Dubious Business Partner”

I got this from the Spokane County Democrats about Mike Fagan.

I just love all the little ole folks in my district number 5
I make sure they have what they need to stay alive
Nothin fancy, as I can’t be givin my money to poor folk
(Truthfully), in our rich circle we laugh and call them a joke
But I am so caring that I would never ever tell them my thots
Many of them seem to be just fine with the little bit they gots
I mean a roof over their heads, green grass and a clear sky
The folks in my district may not have much, but they’ll get by
There are those who still don’t know I’m for the rich and not for them
I have no doubt they’ll get out there and once again, vote me in.
For 11 years I have damaged the people, but they still vote for me
My rich friends and corporations pay me well, for them to never see
How very shrewd, manipulating, untruthful and uncaring I proudly am
I am rich, rich, rich and powerful, and for them I don’t give a damn.

by Pat

You are invited to Eastern Washington Voters’ 2015 annual membership celebration and meeting on Monday, Sept. 21, The Community Building Lobby, 35 W. Main, Spokane.  This event for EWV members, volunteers, and other dedicated progressives. Please bring guests! but confidential information will be shared so only the faithful please!

Come meet the 2015 and 2016 candidates (including Randy Ramos, Shar Litchy, and Joe Pakootas) and hear how your work is about to be showcased in the national political arena. I am of course referring to your unparalleled success at registering voters and using Help The Vote to turn them out.   We have been invited to Washington D.C. to present out work! Please save the date and RSVP.


5:00 PM to 5:30 PM: Meet the candidates, socialize, food and drink.
5:30 PM to 5:45 PM: Introduce candidates (Randy Ramos, Shar Litchy, and Joe Pakootas).
5:45 PM to 7:15 PM: Key note speaker, Joe Pakootas on “Native Americans in Politics” with special comments form Randy Ramos, updates on Eastern Wa. and our national work, and board elections.

FOOD: If you want to volunteer to bring a dish or drink to share, it is much appreciated. However, it is not required.