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Randy Ramos Canvassing Blitz

RANDYJoin us on August 29 to door bell for Randy Ramos .  We will meet Saturday at 10 AM  at 824 E. Wabash.
Randy is running for Spokane City Council (District #1), and Randy believes in rebuilding our local economy with living wage jobs that empower workers.
Randy believes in building infrastructure that will allow Spokane to continue to be competitive.
Randy believes in rebuilding trust in a system that will serve, protect, and strengthen our communities.

Cadie MacDonald Olsen, “I live in his district and I believe he will effectively represent my neighborhood and the community of Spokane. He represents me because I, and my neighbors are interested in jobs, safety, diversity, family, and mutual respect.”

Ann Parks for Spokane City Council

This is just a quick note.  Ann Parks, one of our members in Pullman, WA, is running for Pullman City Council against a 12 year incumbent.  Her website is under construction as of today.  I will post more soon.