Congrats on over 8,000 signatures in Spokane for I-735 to qualify for the Washington ballot and help overturn citizens united.

I LOVE the 4th of July, patriotism, fireworks and family picnics!  It is a time to be grateful for the vision and patriotism of our forefathers and a time to reflect on our own responsibility to defend and reclaim our democracy for ‘We The People’.

…And as we celebrate our historic independence from British rule, perhaps this is a good time to re-invigorate our actions to be independent from corporate rule.  It is our opportunity and responsibility.

In Spokane and NE Washington our signature gathering is doing well, but still need to get volunteers out for 70 hours a week.  We have scheduled events on each weekend, yet still need folks to get to retail stores on a consistent basis during the week.  The following is the link to our calendar.  Anyone can add an event or sign up for an event by clicking on the pencil.

So far, Spokane and NE Washington have turned in 8394 signatures toward our goal of 33,000!  Way to go, team!!  There are some weeks we meet our goal of 70 petitions per week and some we don’t, but it has always been my belief that we all do what we can and together we will succeed.

1839 Stacy Cossey
1027 Mario Montague
637 Susan Burns
517 Ed Duhaime
438 Sally McQuain

Thanks to everyone for all you do!

Stacy Cossey
Volunteer Spokane Wamend Organizer