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Governor McMorris-Rodgers in 2016?

Jerry Cornfield, a columnist for the Herald, suggest that Cathy McMorris Rodgers may run for Governor of Washington against Inslee in 2016.  Can ya imagine what the State would look like if she did?  She would probably try to do away with basic health, the Department of Ecology would likely be cut in half, and birth control less accessible. 

Will McMorris or someone else run?

The issue of whether she or some one else would run for the Governor of Washington in 2016 is discussed in more detail at OurnextGovernor

Washington Governor Jay Inslee will be up for re-election in 2016, and the presumption is that he will run for re-election. However, who is likely to be the Republican nominee that challenges him for Governor of the State of Washington?  . . . Jerry Cornfield, Herald Columnist, listed some of his guesses about who will run for Governor of the State of Washington against Inslee. He quotes Rob Mckenna as saying he will not run a second time. 

Jerry Cornfield, Herald Columnist, says this about McMorris.

She is in her fifth term and is chairwoman of the GOP caucus making her the highest ranking Republican woman in Congress. She enjoys the national stage more than that of Olympia where she spent four terms as a state lawmaker. That might be reason enough for her to abstain from the governor’s race.

In the end I believe that Cathy McMorris Rodgers will stay in the U.S. House for at least another ten years.  It has been very good for her career and advancement in the hierarchy of the Republican Party.  However, I suspect that her party advanced her to the Chair of the House Republican Conference to be their token woman in their leadership, and I don’t think they will advance her any farther in the House leadership. The Republican Party and especially Republicans in Congress are still too much of an old boy network. When she wakes up to this, perhaps the Congresswomen will consider a run for Governor of the State of Washington, but it will probably not be in 2016.

We want to acknowledge that one of our members Cathy Gunderson was successful in court against Republican candidate Mark Hamilton who was running for Spokane City Council.  The Superior Court Judge agreed that Mark Hamilton could not legally appear on the ballot because he was not a legal resident of the city ward for the one year period required by law prior to filing for office, as reported in the Spokesman Review.  Cathy did this on her own, and Eastern Washington Voters cannot take any credit.

The troubled candidacy of Mark Hamilton came to an end Friday.

A Superior Court judge ruled that Hamilton failed to meet residency requirements for a Spokane City Council seat and prohibited his name from appearing on the general election ballot in November.

Despite significant questions about Hamilton’s candidacy, he has been able to raise sizable amounts of campaign cash. According to the state’s Public Disclosure Commission, he has spent $5,200 of the $8,300 he has raised.Contributions have come from Spokane City Councilman Steve Salvatori, council candidate and former state legislator John Ahern, Spokane County Treasurer Rob Chase and former Supreme Court Justice Richard Sanders, among others.


Carol McGirk and Cathy Gunderson, supporters of Waldref and residents of Spokane’s northeast district, first brought the complaint against Hamilton after an article appeared in The Spokesman-Review questioning his claims of residency.

Frank Malone, who represented McGirk and Gunderson, said before the hearing that he thought the ruling would go against his clients

“Judges are very reticent to decide elections,” he said. “You really don’t want that. Bush versus Gore. I still think about that.”