Unsolicited OpinionI wanted to welcome a new blogger to Eastern Washington.   He is EWliberal at ewliberal.blogspot.com.   Although he is not new to blogging, he just moved to Eastern Washington from the west side of the state.  Part of one of his posts are below.

Free Market Capitalism=American Corporate Welfare

Corporate Welfare is the more openly honest definition of what we hear nowadays from more than one political philosophy when the words “less government” are used.
“Less government” as a concept draws attention to a constitutional concept having to do with individual freedom from its definitive opposite, “too much government.”
However, as crafted by corporate sloganeers “less government” is seen and heard on a regular basis as a mantra of politicians who are accepting lobby bribes to act against our social best interest.
“Less government,” as the prized objective of those who are able to spend enough money to keep corporate welfare in business have made the slogan an object lesson in over simplification as inoculated into the minds and non-critical thinking hearts of many Americans who deem themselves “conservative.”
“Less government” has very little to do with mom-and-pop or streetwise conservatism. It has everything to do with corporate welfare that allows business to run wild and irresponsibly all the while using government to force human citizens to pay out shares of their income to businesses who have no moral right to have their corporate hands out in the first place. We then are controlled and as we have consistently witnessed, corporations and corporate officers run wild.