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Peter Goldmark running for Re-election.

Peter Goldmark is running for re-election for Commiss ioner of Public Lands in 2012.  We helped him get elected for the first time back in 2008.

For Every Progressive Blogger

Progressive blogs come and go.  For everyone that closes shop, may another rise up from the ashes.  This is just a short tribute to the contribution of and an assurance that and will carry on the torch.  Eastern Washington Politics will focus, of course, on news and views from and about Eastern Washington.  Neuro Politician will post on progressive politics but also on a range of economic and ecological issues.  The main contributor of both blogs live in Eastern Washington.  Happy reading!


We are archiving some of our organizational documents over at

We launched a website against Rep. Cathy McMorris-Rodgers called  On it, we tear down the myth that she is a citizen legislator. Her popular appeal is the idea that she is just a down-home girl from the fruit stands of Eastern Washington who is doing a short stint in Congress.  She is not.  Cathy McMorris-
Rodgers is career politician who has been intricately involved in Republican Party politics to facilitate the Wall Street and Corporate take over of America.

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