Eastern Washington Voters

We Are Making Eastern Washington into a More Progressive Place

Eastern Washington Voters is a group of people who are passionate about making Eastern Washington more progressive. Our members believe it is possible to make a difference, and they have proven it over and over again.

If you are tired of  Eastern Washington being the “ball and chain” that holds back the progressive agenda for the rest of the State, please donate and become a member or supporter of Eastern Washington Voters.  Below is a small portion of our work. If you want more information, contact us to schedule a time to talk with us.

  • Since 2011 we have coordinated the largest partisan voter registration drive in Eastern Washington to expand the progressive base of voters. In total we have registered 6,000 individuals who were mostly Democrats according to our own exit polls.
  • Since 2004 we have also helped to elect dozens of Democrats in Eastern Washington including Ben Stuckart to the Spokane City Council.  The Spokane City Council currently has a 5 to 1 progressive majority.
  • In 2008, we were instrumental in electing one of only two Democratic rural County Commissioners in eastern Washington. In a close race, we helped Democrat Pat O’Neill win a seat in Whitman County by helping him design and fund a 5,000 pieces mailing to targeted voters.
  • In 2006, Eastern Washington Voters helped film a TV ad using crop art that was key to defeating the anti-environmental I-933. You can watch it here.
  • In 2004, we distributed 5,000 pieces of literature “by hand” in support of Christine Gregoire. As you know, she was elected by only 133 votes.


 The Voting Record of Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers

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Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ voting record has undermined Medicare, given tax breaks to the rich, and weakening environmental regulations. Visit this page to read more.

Obsessed with advancing higher and higher in the Republican Party hierarchy and gaining more power, McMorris Rodgers continues to sell her votes to corporate interests at the expense of working class families in Eastern Washington. Since being elected to the U.S.  House of Representatives in 2005, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers has amassed one of the most conservative and partisan voting records in U.S. Congress.


Our Two Blogs: Spokane Watch and Eastern Washington Politics

Spokane Watch was re-launched by us in 2012.  It is a blogging project of Eastern Washington Voters that covers Spokane County and City politics and issues from a progressive point of view.  Anyone can comment.

Spokane Watch blog


EWpolitics.org covers news and views from and about Eastern Washington from a progressive point of view.  The blog does have a focus on Whitman County.  



March and April are favorite times of the year to run local propositions, levies, and school bonds on the ballot, although of course they can be found on fall ballots as well.  Our web site  Spokane Prop 1 contains information on these races.

Regardless, election day is always a Tuesday.  You must have your ballot post-marked by election day or you can place it in a ballot drop off box by 8 pm that evening.  All City and County libraries have free, white drop of box and so does the down town bus plaza on the east side by the mail boxes.  Also, you can stop by a voter service center on election day.  Follow this link for ballot box locations, last mail pick up times in Spokane County, and other info.

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